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The worst fashion faux pas!

Fashion trends come in and out with amazing speed. Of course, there are the good old staples that never leave our wardrobes like the little black dress, of the formal white shirt, dark denim jeans and a formal blazer. For more information on the best staples to have in your wardrobe follow this link:

Despite having several reliable items of clothing that we can quickly create an outfit for an occasion from, there are some fashion statements that hit the headlines that really should have been thrown out with the next day’s rubbish.

Here’s our 5 worst fashion faux pas of all time.

Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell bottom jeans are worn tight from the waist down to the knee, and then they flared out dramatically until they touched the floor. Of course, the resulting shape looked like a bell hence the name. The trend hit in the 1960’s and identified with the hippy culture, and then in the 1970’s Sonny and Cher bought them back in for a second time. The much subtler flare called the boot cut style hit the market in the 1990’s and 2000’s but thankfully the bell bottom style hasn’t re-emerged! There’s plenty of jean styles on the market, of which some have been around for a good few years. If you’re looking for designer jeans inspiration head to Edwin who are showcasing the latest seasons styles.

Shell Suitsshutterstock_710193703

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll have to have been living in a hole not to remember these fashion nightmares. Made from 100% polyester these tracksuits hit the fashion aisles throughout the 1980’s. The suits were brightly coloured, in fact the brighter the better, with a mix match of colours, all topped off in a shiny look. The shell suit has been voted as one of the worst fashion disasters ever made and will hopefully never reappear with conviction in our shops again.

Socks and Sandals

Even the mere mention of socks and sandals makes me feel quite faint. There’s no excuse for this horrendous look, it’s not cool, it’s never been cool so just don’t do it!

Baggy Trousersshutterstock_1311982

Not that long-ago young men were wearing their trousers at half-mast revealing their underwear. To this day I’m still not sure what that was all about. I don’t want to see members of my own family’s underpants instead of their trousers so why would I want to see a complete strangers? Again, it’s not cool and not trendy, please buy a belt!

Overlarge Hats

Hats are wonderful accessories. They can be practical, stylish, make an outfit, and even been worn subtly but when you add an oversized hat, some of which have oversized trimmings, you totally ruin your outfit. If you want to wear a hat, do so, but please wear one that is in proportion to you and complements your outfit. From beret’s to trilby’s, from bobble hats to flat caps there’s plenty of different styles and designs for you to choose from.

Fashion has been in the news this week as Burberry made one of it’s worst fashion mistakes ever at the 2019 London Fashion Week:

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