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Spring is on its way!

It may only be the end of February but now we’ve had a few days of lovely weather it’s hard not to think that spring is already here.

If you’re enjoying the warmer weather and feel full of inspiration to start cleaning and doing household chores inside and outside your property, why not start with our list of tasks that often get forgotten in the spring-cleaning madness.

Freshen up your mattressesshutterstock_586550699

Changing our bedspreads and even washing our pillows are probably normal household chores for all of us but how often do you give your mattress a once over? To get rid of dust and bacteria hoover your mattress thoroughly on both sides. Some people swear by sprinkling baking soda over the mattress and leaving it for a couple of hours and then hoovering it off. For persistent stains use an upholstery cleaner and a damp cloth which should hopefully get most of the stains out.

Defrost the freezer/s

Probably one of the worst jobs ever but once you’ve accomplished this task, you’ll definitely feel virtuous. If you have two freezers move all of your frozen items into the freezer you’re not going to defrost and then turn the empty one off. You’ll need lots of old towels and bowls to sop up the water as the ice melts. Some people who want to get this job done quickly put hot bowls of water into the freezer area to help get the ice off quickly. No matter how you achieve this horrible chore make sure you enjoy the beauty of drawers that close smoothly once you’ve finished!

Clean your guttersshutterstock_1100297495

Cleaning your gutters should be an annual event not just a one off. Having blocked or broken guttering could cause untold damage to your property which will cost you time and money in the long run. Make sure you clean the downspouts first, removing any build-up of debris such as leaves, dirt and broken branches and then flush through with water. For persistent blockages, you may have to use drainage rods to free the pipe. Once they are free flowing move onto your gutters and remove any moss, leaves and soil. Again, pour water along the guttering when you have finished to check for holes and breaks. If you find anything that needs repairing contact a reputable guttering company who will have a range of replacement guttering for you to choose from, including cast iron guttering.

Cooker extractor fan

If you’re like me, cleaning your cooker hood filters will be a chore that’s way down your to do list if on it at all. If you’ve never cleaned them before you’ll probably in for a bit of a shock! The main purpose for an extractor fan is to remove the grease from your cooking so it goes without saying that your filters are going to be full of grease. If you don’t clean them periodically then they will become so clogged up with grease that they will stop being effectual. Some can be washed in your dishwasher, but I would err on the side of caution with this especially if you haven’t cleaned them before. The simplest and easiest way of cleaning your filters is to place them in bucket of boiling hot water with some degreasing soap and baking soda and let them soak. Once they’re clean and dry, replace them back in your hood. For further details follow this link:

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