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Should you get your car serviced regularly?

Should you get your car serviced regularly?

For many of us owning a car is a practical necessity. We have little or no knowledge of what goes on underneath the bonnet and no desire to find out either. All we want is for our car to be safe, reliable, and not cost us a fortune in running costs.

Although it may seem like an expensive cost at the time, your car needs servicing regularly regardless of whether it is brand new or an older second-hand model to keep it in tip top condition. This week we have looked at the benefits of why you should get your car serviced regularly.

mechanic at work in his garage

Road Safety

Unlike an MOT it is not a legal requirement to get your car serviced but getting your car serviced regularly will highlight any potential issues before they become major problems which could lead to devastating results. During a service essential checks are carried out on critical components in your car such as your braking system, suspension, tyre pressure and tread. It is your personal responsibility as a car owner to ensure your car is safe and legal to be on the road. If you are unsure if your car is due an MOT, follow this link –

Save Money

If you think that you are saving money by not servicing your car regularly think again. This is a sure fire way to clock up bills and repair costs in the long run. Regularly servicing will highlight issues that can be easily fixed before they become big problems which ultimately become much more expensive to fix. A prime example of this is engine oil. If you do not top up or change the oil, the engine could seize up, resulting in a very costly bill for replacing the engine.


If you own a brand new car you will have a manufacturer’s warranty with your vehicle. Depending on your manufacturer your warranty may be for 3, 4, 5 or 7 years. As part of your warranty, you will have to have your car serviced at the schedules in accordance with vehicle manufacturer recommendations. Since October 2003 you do not have to get your car serviced at your car’s dealership, but your car will need to be serviced using approved parts. To find out more about car warranties visit the Money Supermarket website –

Car Value

Having your car serviced regularly in line with your manufacturer’s recommendations will also add value to your car. Top brand cars may hold their value more than cheaper vehicles but without a service history you may find that your cars value will drop significantly.



No matter what make or model of car you own, servicing your Mercedes, Kia, or Honda regularly will ensure that your car functions efficiently. Without regular servicing it will not perform at its highest capacity which could result in poor performance and responsiveness.

The Environment and Running Costs

Another great reason to service your car is to ensure it stays running efficiently. As mentioned earlier you may think that you are saving money by not servicing your car regularly but a car that is poorly maintained will consume more petrol than a well-maintained one. Another benefit of car servicing is that you will minimise your cars impact on the environment, a car that is not serviced regularly will produce emissions leading to poor air quality.

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