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Gifts to surprise your Valentine

Valentine’s Day 2019 is almost upon us. With a just over a couple of weeks left to find that special something for your Valentine, here’s a few unique and special ideas for you to consider. And what’s more not all of them have a price tag attached so if you’re not into the commercialism of Valentine’s Day these could be great gifts for you to share with your other half.

Sharing Memories

Why not plan an evening where you look back at all the special moments you’ve shared as a couple? Create a slide show or album of all the wonderful photos that you’ve taken from days out, holidays and shared moments and create a cinema environment for viewing them. Have a bottle of bubbles chilling in the fridge and either order in a pizza or have something ready in the kitchen that’s easy to cook so that you’re not spending time in the kitchen. After all this evening is all about the two of you!


If you’re a couple who like to be a bit more daring in the bedroom, why not treat your other half to a sex toy or some sexy underwear. If you feel a bit embarrassed about buying sex toys in a shop, why not visit an online sex shop. Loveslinky has a great range of products and caters for everyone’s needs and tastes. You don’t even have to worry about being embarrassed when your parcel gets delivered as they ensure all of their parcels are posted in discreet packaging.


Spa days and pamper days can be expensive so if you’d prefer to save your money then why not create your own pamper day at home by turning your bedroom and bathroom into a spa sanctuary. To create a relaxing atmosphere light scented candles in the rooms you will be using, play relaxing music, and get your bottle of bubbles chilling in an ice bucket! From face masks to body scrubs, and massages to an invigorating hot and cold shower, there are plenty of pampering activities you can plan for the two of you to share. And if you’re feeling adventurous why not have some healthy fruit and cream ready to feed each other. The Every Girl has some great top tips on how to create your very own spa at home, follow the link for more information –


One of the most precious things we can give to each other is time. It doesn’t cost anything and yet it’s normally always overlooked in favour of expensive gifts. Gift your time by giving them a note explaining that you are gifting them your time such as a day out together, maybe lunch, a trip to the coast or even a walk in the countryside. If you need inspiration of where to walk read The Guardian’s article – 20 great country walks:

The element of surprise

If your Valentine doesn’t like surprises, then you may think this won’t be for them. But giving your other half a surprise doesn’t mean you have to frighten the life out of them. Why not do chores for them like cleaning their car, dealing with the washing, or even just surprise them with a change of routine like cooking them a lovely meal or treating them to breakfast in bed.

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