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Things to consider when choosing a data centre

Your business’s data is invaluable. Where it’s stored, how it’s handled and how secure it is, is essential to protect your business and your customers. But finding the right place to house your data is not easy.

Data management (, when carried out well, is what makes data centres a vital part to any company whatever size they may be. But with so many options available how do you know which data centre is right for your business?

Here’s some of the top things you should consider when choosing a data centre to support your business.



Although you could save money by opting for a data centre that isn’t physically located near to your business, you could lose some of the benefits of having it located closer. If the data centre you are considering has fibre then as long as you’re located within 25 miles of the centre you shouldn’t be impacted by a slower connection. Data centre connectivity to networks and industry partners should also be considered.

You should also factor in the physical location of the data centre in areas that can be prone to natural disasters. If power outage can be a problem then opt for a data centre that uses a different power grid as this will help reduce the issues of your data being affected at the same time as your company’s office. And lastly, make sure the data centre can easily be accessed by your staff as they may need to change equipment or perform software upgrades.


A robust security system is vital for any data centre, as a breach of their system could mean disaster for not only your data but all of their clients’ data as well. They should be able to provide you with firewalls, DDos Mitigation, Managed Backup and Vulnerability Scanning. The centre should also have strong physical security such as gated car parks and grounds, access lists, CCTV monitoring both inside the centre and outside the centre, locked doors and 24/7 security guards.


Growth & Scalability

Living in a pandemic for the last 12 months has been an eye opener for many businesses. Some have boomed and some have had to downsize their operations, but no matter how your business grows you will need your data centre to match your changing requirements. Make sure they have plans in place that can be flexible and match your requirements to expand and scale down as and when you need them.

Services Offered

Data centres have many services available and choosing one that can support your business will help your business flourish. They will be able to offer you help and guidance when you need to upgrade your systems or your hardware. Choosing a data centre that has a broad range of services will ensure that they will offer you the best advice for you and your business rather than just offering you the next level of service because that’s all they have available.

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