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Helping the environment by reusing household items

Green House next to white houses

Becoming “greener” in the home and at work has become more important over the past few years as global warming and landfill sites become hot topics of discussion.


Many of us now recycle at home and at work and are more aware of things that we can do to help improve energy efficiency. With solar panels, better insulation and low emission cars, we are all able to contribute in some way however small. The Green Car Website has details of cars that are much better for the environment.


Many household items that are no longer needed can also be recycled. Here is a list of some of the items other than food, paper & cardboard, plastic, cans and glass that can also be recycled. We have also included some tips that may save you a few pounds.

Old Clothes

Clothes that we have grown out of, have ripped or ruined in some way can still be recycled. Any items that are in good order can be taken to your local charity shop and other items can be taken to your local tip for recycling. The cloth will be used for textiles in new products.


Odd bits of wood

Your recycling centre will accept old bits of wood and cut offs. These will easily be recycled and turned into chipboard.



Old oil is a great way of recycling as this is turned into the green fuel LF100 to power electricity generators, which gives back energy to the National Grid.



If you have had a clear out at home you may have a pile of unwanted items that you no longer need. However even though you may no longer have use for these items other people may. Why not take them along to a car boot sale and sell them for someone else to put to good use – who knows, you may even make some money!


Swap to rechargeable batteries

To save throwing away old batteries why not swap to rechargeable batteries, not only will this help the environment but it could also help your pocket.


This article was written on behalf of Advanced Plasma Power. The author Chris Turberville-Tully works closely with APP who specialise in  waste to energy solutions. Chris enjoys spending time with his family and friends in his spare time.







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