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Additional pregnancy scans you may be considering

With the introduction of new technology there are many additional scans that can now be performed during pregnancy that you maybe considering.

For instance a new start-up company in America is now offering a 3D printing service of your baby allowing you to “meet” your baby before it has been born. This new technology uses the latest 3D printing technology to build a picture of your baby using the correct facial features, body position and skin tone. Costing from $200 to $600 this is not a scan to be considered lightly! You can read more on this story on the Daily Mail website.

There are other scans that you can opt for privately and depending on your reason will depend on the type of scan that you wish to have. Other scans that you may consider are for instance a well-being scan that can take place from 28 to 32 weeks to check the baby thoroughly and compare the measurements from earlier scans.

Advances in technology means that that ultrasound scanning has become in even more sophisticated as we have seen above in the 3D printing scanning. The recent introduction of 3D and 4D scans allow you to have a look at your baby in a three dimensional image. This scan is best completed at around 26 to 28 weeks so that your baby looks chubby in the image but not to chubby that the image becomes too squashed up.

The scan builds a picture using surface structures creating a real time image of your baby. The fourth dimension adds time into your picture which creates a moving image so if your baby is sucking its thumb or has hiccoughs this will captured in your image.

Technology changes and advances every day and keeping on top of new findings and exciting developments can be quite daunting. Making sure that you use the scans that you feel conformable with will help you get the answers for you to enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to the arrival of your new addition.


This was written by Chris TT who works closely with the Beard Mill Clinic, a private pregnancy clinic. Chris enjoys working but likes to take time off and spend time with his wife and children.

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