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Nifty gadgets to travel abroad with

Girls with backpacks hiking

You may be travelling abroad for business or pleasure but whatever your reason it is really handy to take some trusty travelling companions with you to be prepared so that you can relax and enjoy your time overseas.

If you have not yet decided where to travel to you can get some fantastic ideas of places to visit from the Travel Supermarket website. From head cams to back packs, we have listed below some of our favourite gadgets of 2014 to help you on your travels.

Kindle Touch

Carrying heavy books can really add weight to your luggage. If you’re planning on travelling light then a Kindle Touch maybe right up your street. Downloading books is quick and easy using wireless to make access to new material easy and painless.


Fujifilm USB SD Card Reader

Transferring images from your camera to your computer using this device couldn’t be simpler. With prices from only £4 this gadget is a must have to travel with. Just remove the camera card place into the reader and put the reader into your computer’s USB port, then sit back and enjoy viewing your pictures.


O-Range Jet Solar Backpack

Featuring an air inflated padding system instead of traditional foam this back pack is inventive and much more comfortable. With a solar panel you can be recharging your phone or other USB connected devices while you travel around. With many other features this back pack will help organise you whilst you are on travels.


Woman reading Kindle on beach

World Travel Adaptor

There are many travel adaptors on the market and if you are planning on visiting many different countries then one plug that fits all is the answer for you. With many different shapes and styles you can now purchase adaptors that will work in over 150 countries. Good luck if you are planning a journey that embraces them all!


Go Pro Headcam

There are many cheaper headcams now on the market but for style, picture and quality of image the GoPro range must be considered. Although this is the top end of the market you definitely get what you pay for. You can relive all of your moments, from action packed activities to stunning sunsets, time and again using this amazing bit of kit.


Chris often writes for USA Summer Camp, who specialise in helping travellers plan their summers and offer exciting summer jobs in America. Chris often has to travel for work and enjoys travelling for pleasure and loves all the gadgets out there to save time and effort on holiday.

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