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Unique ideas for the garden


shutterstock_126679502Even if you’re not the biggest gardening fanatic, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a beautiful outdoor space. Plants can of course really brighten the place up but below are some unique ideas for the garden that don’t require any weeding whatsoever.

Add a water feature

If you want to create a unique and relaxing experience in your garden, why not add a water feature? Whether it’s a fountain, a pond, a waterfall, cascades, pebble pools, a mini well or an intalog, these features not only look great but they’re perfect for creating a tranquil environment to relax in. If you need inspiration, head over to Country Living where they have some great ideas:

BBQ hut

We all love a good barbecue but unfortunately, we can’t always rely on the British weather for this. A great solution to this problem is to add a bbq hut to your garden. These traditional Scandinavian huts look beautiful and they allow you to barbecue in all weather conditions. They’re spacious, warm in the winter, cool in the summer and provide a fantastic space for entertaining and relaxing.

Hot tub

If you want to be the envy of all the neighbours, why not install your very own hot tub in your garden? Hot tubs are a great place to relax after a long day, they can be used all year round and they’re a fantastic selling point if you’re looking to rent or sell your property. Many Hot Tub retailers are now also selling Swim Spa’s so you can be active as well as having a place to sip champagne and relax. For more information visit London Essex Hot Tubs who will be able to provide details of their range of hot tubs and swim spas.


Adding a birdbath can offer multiple benefits to you, the birds and your garden:

  • Birdbaths obviously attract birds which will help to aerate the surrounding soil
  • Birds eat bugs so this will help with pest control in your garden
  • Birdbaths also attract wasps which may not sounds like a good thing initially but wasps are key predators of the pests that love to eat your garden crops
  • They attract beneficial insects that help with crop pollination
  • It can provide you with hours of entertainment if you love watching garden birds. If you’re new to bird watching visit the RSPB website for some top tips:


If you want a unique addition to your garden, sculptures can look fantastic and there’s a huge selection of products available. From brass, bronze, ceramic, galvanised steel, iron, lead, metal, plaster, reconstituted stone, stainless steel, wood, wire, recycled metal and much more, you are guaranteed to find something to suit your garden regardless of what you’re looking for.

The range of subjects you can get is also almost endless and includes abstract garden sculptures, fountains, water features, ornaments, planters, sculptural artwork, sundials, animal and figurative sculptures and much more.


shutterstock_87406553A gazebo makes a stunning addition to any outdoor space and once again, can be used all year round. Regardless of whether you want it purely for decorative purposes, you want somewhere sheltered to sit from the rain or the sun or wish to cover something like a hot tub, a gazebo can solve many issues.

What’s more, it can really help to lure in potential buyers or renters if you put your property on the market as this unique feature will help viewers to remember your home over all the others that they have looked at.


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