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How businesses can reduce the cost of flood damage

Being hit with flooding is something that sadly, many businesses across the UK have been subjected to in recent years. With more extreme weather and increasing amounts of rainfall, every winter now poses a risk to home and business owners who live in high risk areas.


Although there’s nothing we can do to control the weather, fortunately, there are several tactics that businesses can employ in order to reduce the risk and cost of potential flood damage.

Get the proper cover

 No matter how well prepared you are, you can’t 100% guarantee that you won’t be subjected to flooding. When this happens to a business you can lose anything from hundreds to tens of thousands of pounds and sadly, many companies who have suffered badly have ended up closing down as they can’t afford the repair work.

Having flood insurance protects your business should this happen to you and it means that you can claim for anything from damaged equipment and stock to any repairs that need to be carried out on the premises.

 Use preventative measures

 The best way to avoid the stress and cost of flood damage is to prevent it from happening in the first place. There are a number of flood defences you can employ all year round as well as when you know flooding is imminent. For more advice, follow this flood advice link here.

  • Using access covers to drain surface water
  • Flood gates stop water from entering the premises
  • Sandbags – a traditional flood defence barrier which can be used when you think flooding may occur very soon
  • Hydrosacks and hydrosnakes are an alternative to sandbags when you know you’re at immediate risk
  • Toilet pan seals stop sewage entering the premises
  • Airbrick covers can stop water entering the building
  • Door barriers are very effective at holding back flood water
  • If you have already been hit with flooding, submersible water pumps can be used to remove the water before too much damage is done


Don’t reside on the ground floor

 If your office is located in an area that’s prone to flooding, try to go for a premises that is above ground level. The higher up you are, the safer you are because it’s extremely unlikely that the flooding will be so severe that it will reach the first floor. If you are on the top floor however, ensure that your roof is in great condition because water damage can also come from above.

 Set up flood alerts

 By registering with Floodline Warnings Direct, you will be notified as soon as there is any risk that your home or business may be hit with flooding. You can opt to receive warnings by phone or email and they will be sent to you regardless of what time of day it is.

This is a very effective way of preventing damage from occurring in the first place because say the flooding begins in the middle of the night for example, by the time you get to the office the next morning, the damage will have been done. If you’re notified before the flooding occurs however, you can get to your premises before water enters the building and prevent this from happening at all.

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