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Summer maintenance jobs for your property

Not many of us enjoy carrying out home maintenance jobs and as much as the summer is a great time to put your feet up and enjoy the warm weather it’s also a great time to make the most of the light evenings and warmer weather completing some of those boring home maintenance chores.

Winter may seem a long way off, but it will be upon us in a flash so make the most of the inclement weather, tick off some jobs and then you can really relax in your garden safe in the knowledge your home is ready for the winter ahead.

Fencing and Woodworkshutterstock_483641245

Fencing and woodwork overtime will naturally fade and rot.  If you have woodwork that has old paint that is flaking away, make sure you give it a good sand down so that it is smooth to touch with no hard edges and then repaint. Fencing should be checked over for any rotten, broken or splintered planks and panels and replace any that can’t be repaired. Then apply a fence cleaner to the fence, carefully following the manufacturers instructions. If your fencing hasn’t been sealed previously apply a sealer and then finally two coats of staining paint.

Guttering and Downpipes

Not the most glamourous of jobs but repairing your guttering and downpipes in warm weather is far more palatable then having to carry out emergency work in the cold with rain lashing down or even snow falling! Check all your gutters thoroughly for blockages and leaks. If you have cast iron gutters make sure you have someone to help you before you remove or replace the gutters as they can be extremely heavy.

Decking and Driveways

If you’ve managed to get outside already this summer you may have already given your decking a spruce up but if not then use a stiff brush to sweep away any debris and moss. You may have to be quite firm with any stubborn moss. Once the debris has been swept away, use a pressure washer ( to really give your decking a new lease of life. Once the wood has been given time to dry apply a protector to keep it in tip top condition. Your driveway may also need some TLC so apply the same method above. If you have a blockwork driveway you may have to add more sand in-between the bricks to prevent weeds taking hold. For concrete drives again follow the method above but repair any cracks by applying a concrete repair caulk or asphalt crack sealer.

Brickwork and Renderingshutterstock_54651067

Check all of your exterior walls for any cracks or breaks. Depending on how badly damaged your brickwork or render is you may need to employ the services of a local builder to help with the repairs. The outside of our homes is the first line of defence to keeping us protected from the elements, so dealing with small cracks and holes straightaway will help keep bigger repair jobs at bay.

B&Q have a great section on their website where you can find helpful information for all manner of DIY jobs, follow the link to find out more:

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