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Our biggest Internet concerns revealed

shutterstock_268450493Whether we want to learn something from a YouTube video, do a grocery shop, book a holiday or manage our Instagram account, most of us would agree that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time.

As with anything however, you’ve got to take the good with the bad and in the case of the World Wide Web, there is unfortunately plenty of bad. From an Ofcom study (, a whopping 79% of us say we have concerns about going online but what exactly is troubling us so much?



As reports of cyber-crime and social media manipulation are hitting the headlines on a nearly daily basis, it’s natural that we’re going to worry about our online security. Research carried out by Ofcom last year found that 58% of us are concerned about data or privacy and 54% are concerned about hacking or security. It’s no surprise we’re worried about the harm that may come to us online when 14% of us say we’ve experienced viruses or malicious software and 13% have fallen victim to scams, fraud or identity theft.

However, there are data centres who have exceptionally high standards for keeping data safe which include digital and physical security measures and also have the highest certification.



We may think we’re safe tucked away in the confines of our own home, but the Internet does unfortunately make us vulnerable in many ways. 45% of us say we’ve experienced some form of online harm and 55% are concerned about the interactions we have with other users.


Child-appropriate contentshutterstock_175705283

Anything goes on the Internet and naturally this is going to be a big concern for parents. This is especially the case with the increasing use of smartphones because this makes it near on impossible to monitor what your child is looking at every second of every day.

Ofcom’s research also showed that 66% of us worry about the content that’s available online with the protection of children being a leading area of concern. Most respondents cited exploitation, inappropriate content, bullying and harassment as their biggest worries.

The UK Safer Internet Study revealed that the top concern among parents is the exposure of their children to online pornography. The survey also found that 42% of parents use network parental controls in a bid to try and control online safety in the home. 62% also say they use physical monitoring and have introduced ‘house rules’ that limit what their children can look at online and how long they can spend on the computer.


Personal information

It’s so easy to get caught up in social media and online shopping. It appears as though we may be full of regrets after doing so however. A survey carried out by ComRes Global last year found that 57% of Britons worry about how much personal information they’ve shared online.

While companies are using personal information to tailor their services and marketing to their customers, only a third (36%) of us say we actually want this. More than half of us (53%) also say that we wouldn’t feel comfortable with companies sharing our personal information to third parties under any circumstances.

For some more great advice on staying safe, read this article by the Independent:

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