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Preparing your home for someone with limited mobility

Mobility issues can occur from a variety of different reasons such as illness, accident or old age. But no matter how the disability has occurred it can often leave people feeling helpless as they struggle to come to terms with their lack of independence. But there are things you can do in and around your home to give them back some of their freedom and help build their confidence as they learn to adapt.

Here are a few practical things you can do to help them in their own home.

Grab barsshutterstock_535822729

Grab bars are a great way to help people who feel unsteady on their feet and need a little extra help to support their weight. They can be used to get in and out of doorways or to help pull themselves up out of a seating position. They are also used frequently in bathrooms to provide a little extra assistance to get in and out of the bath and shower, or on and off the toilet.




As we age we do become more unsteady on our feet and falling injuries increase dramatically after the age of 65 – Having even flooring will help not only us as we age but also someone with limited mobility. Make sure your floors are smooth so stick to laminate or carpeting. Rugs can be hazardous, as not only can they slip but the edges can also provide trip hazards. Make sure you have nonslip mats in your bath and shower.

The garden

If your loved one enjoyed gardening or being outside, no longer being able to get in the garden can be hugely frustrating. Creating access to the garden and making the outdoors space a safe place will really help your loved one’s sense of well-being and have huge benefits to their health. From larger footpaths to raised beds, from wheelchair ramps to accessible furniture, there are lots of things you can do to get them back outdoors.


When a person loses their mobility and can no longer get up and down stairs they can lose around 50% of their home, as well as access to their bedroom and bathroom. Installing a stairlift may seem costly but it is a lot less expensive than moving home to a bungalow. Stairlifts now come in all shapes and sizes, including curved stairlifts for stairs that do not go straight up in one flight.

General safety

As well as all of the things we have mentioned above, there are a number of small things you can do around your home that will really help. Make sure your rooms have adequate lighting to help with visibility. Change light bulbs for compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, they may cost more to buy, but they do last much longer. Remove any furniture that is wobbly or unsafe to make sure it is not used to lean on. And finally, declutter. De-cluttering will help remove any objects that could be potential trip hazards on the floors and in the hallways.

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