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Fast, effective ways to burglar proof your home

Being burgled is miserable. The invasion of privacy, the mess that can be left from the intruders, plus the hassle of claiming everything back through your insurance company can all be distressing and time consuming to sort out.

Having high tech systems can certainly help reduce the risk of being burgled but there are some small, fast effective measures you can put in place around your home to help protect your property.

Glass door panelsshutterstock_1174180639

Glass in doors can make your home an easy target unless the glass is double or triple glazed. Single panes of glass are easy to break. Swap them out for tougher, more solid material such as wood. Adding security chains are also cheap and easy to install and can be used when the family is in and intruders try to gain access.

Security lighting

Motion sensor security lights around your home are great deterrents. Make sure you shop around and get the best match for your property and location. Not only do they help reduce burglary risk, but they also help light your driveway for when you arrive home in the dark during the long winter evenings. The Safewise website has a great buyers guide if you’d like more information:

Smart plugs

If you have to stay away from your home for longer than normal, smart plugs are a great way to activate appliances to give the appearance that you are at home. You can turn lamps on, even turn the oven on if you’re planning to cook when you do get home! To find out more about smart plugs visit:


Burglars like approaching houses silently and a driveway or pathway that has gravel doesn’t lend itself to being quiet. If you’re planning to spruce up the front of your home consider laying down gravel, not only is it easy to maintain and looks fresh and modern, you’re also adding another layer of security.


Extra locks to windows and doors are cheap and easy to install and should be one of the first things you do to increase your home security. Deadbolts go the extra mile and aren’t overly expensive. You should be able to pick one up for about £10. The reason they are very effective is because they have a unique device that’s in-built that can’t be forced back into the door.

Smart Security Systemsshutterstock_250766488

If you have a Security System of any sort make sure you have it on display to show that your home is protected. Smart Security Systems now connect with your smart phone sending alerts to your phone should something unusual happen whilst you’re not there. These kind of systems normally have a camera installed so that images of the intruders can be captured. Make sure you carry out plenty of research on the types of systems that are available and choose the one that’s correct for your home and property. If you are at all unsure about which system to choose, contact a specialist wireless smart home security company who will be able to advise and recommend a system depending on your circumstances.

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