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Mac vs PC or PC vs Mac?

Entering into any debate about whether you should buy a Mac or a PC is like walking into a lion’s den and a discussion that will probably last for many years to come.

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Of course every person has a different need and choosing the right tool for your individual requirements will stand you in good stead rather than opting for a Mac for instance just because your best friend has one.

To help with your decision making process we thought we would highlight some of the elements you should consider before you finally commit.


What do you want your computer to do?

All computers nowadays have great functionality for normal everyday life but there is some more niche, specific areas where certain computers perform better in than others. Bear this in mind when making your choice and seek expert help for your specific needs.

Break down the costs

Every computer will have its own strengths and weaknesses and being aware of these before you buy will help you to overcome them immediately. For instance Mac’s can be rather pricey to buy and supporting applications and software can also be more expensive than PC’s. Keep this in mind when you are weighing up the pros and cons.

Be aware of security issues

PCs are generally more susceptible to viruses and malware mainly because there are more people using PCs. However Mac’s can get malware so be aware of this if you considering a Mac and know what you can do help prevent this happening.


In a discussion about design, Mac’s would probably win as they do tend to be more modern and stylish. Apple also has a very strong brand identity which many people see as chic and innovative. The downside is that you do end up paying for the name so be careful not to get caught up in the moment of buying a Mac just because it’s an Apple invention.


Considering the cost of maintenance and repairs could also impact your decision. Mac’s tend to have higher repair costs as highly trained technicians complete all repair and maintenance works whereas PC repairs can be carried out by many IT support companies giving greater scope for lesser charges.

If you are considering buying new PCs or Macs for a small business, why not get advice and support from an IT Company who will help you make an informed decision. Positive Computing who are based in Reading, can help business of all sizes from day to day support through to ensuring disaster recovery plans are in place for your business.

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