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Quirky gadgets for your car

Man driving a car

Many of us are now spending more and more time in our cars as the commute to work gets longer and the roads get busier. Buying a car that suits your lifestyle is one way of ensuring that your car is comfortable for you and is specific for your requirements. Which Car has a great car finding tool that could help you to find your next perfect car if you are thinking of changing your car.

L&L Automotive have told us that with advancements in new technology, new cars have come on in leaps and bounds creating models with low emissions and low fuel consumption as well as having all the most up to date technology within the car itself.

If you have an older car, do not despair there are many new gadgets being invented that you can add to your existing car. We thought we would share 5 of the most quirky and new inventions with you.


Inflatable Roof Rack

For those of us that occasionally need to carry additional luggage or transport large items on the roof of our cars, this ingenious blow up roof rack could be just the answer. As long as you have air, then carrying this in the back of your car may solve problems at the drop of a hat.


Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug

If you enjoy your coffee hot then this could be just the gadget for you. This mug has a retro look, lovely chrome accents and beautiful analogue gauges and switches. It comes with a DC adaptor so that you plug it into your cigarette lighter and keep your coffee at the perfect temperature.


Gracenote Habu Music App

This fabulous app lets you chose your music to suit your mood rather than by artist or album. The technology behind the app groups your music into 25 grouped moods and 100 granular mood characteristics. Just tap in the group name and off you go.


Crash Catcher CC3

This device fits over your rear view mirror allowing you to record both rear view and front view at separately or at the same time. You can view the recordings on any computer that will also be date and time stamped. With the added function of night time vision the CC3 is ready to record regardless of the time you are driving.


Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD

With many new cars having built in sat navs and mobile devices that have navigation tools, it’s hard for sat nav companies to come up with new technology that will set them apart. However Garmin have done just that with their latest high end model that could have people reaching deep into their pockets. The difference is that this model features a more natural language approach, for instance it tells you to turn left at the petrol station or right at the church. A much more intuitive device that’s easier for navigation. It also has a magnetic connector that pops it into place.


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