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Keeping you and your dog safe at night

man walking dog in dark

Although we are still enjoying the warm sunny weather, autumn is not far away and with the evenings getting noticeably darker, it won’t be long before the clocks change and winter is upon us once again.

For those of us with dogs, walking your dog at night can be fun but can also be hazardous if the correct precautions aren’t taken especially if you live in an area that doesn’t have street lights. To make sure you are properly prepared for this year’s darker evenings here are a few top tips to keep you and your dog safe at night.

Be Visible

Wearing light coloured clothing will help drivers, cyclists and joggers see you in the dark. But in addition you should also wear high visibility clothing and accessories to help keep you safe. The easiest additions for your dog are to add a night-time reflective collar that flashes and lights up. You can also buy flashing leads and LED lights which can be attached to your dog’s collar. All of these products run on batteries so make sure you can replace them quickly and easily before buying them. You can also buy reflective jackets for both you and your dog, as well as reflective arm, ankle and head bands.


Keep Safe

A night time stroll can be peaceful and quiet but you may find you are not always alone. Night time creatures may be sharing the paths with you so make sure you always have your dog on a lead to avoid impromptu chases in the dark. Keep your mobile phone on you at all times in case of an emergency.


Light Up

As well as wearing reflective clothing another great addition to night-time walking is a head torch. Not only will the torch light the way for you avoiding trips and falls, but it will also allow you to keep both your hands free for holding the lead and cleaning up after your dog. And on the subject of dog bags, if you fancy trying something new and innovative, have a look at the new British invention Dicky Bag. This award winning stylish neoprene bag can be attached to either you or your dog, storing the used dog bag safely and out of sight. And what’s more your hands will be free from carrying smelly dog bags!


Your local vet will also be able to offer help and advice for walking your dog. If you are at all concerned about the health of your dog, contact your vet immediately and book an appointment for your dog. Village Vet have many practises in London and the surrounding areas, all of which offer a caring approachable service where they will examine your dog and discuss your concerns.

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