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The importance of back ups

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The most valuable part of any computer is the data that is stored on it. Your hardware can be replaced, as can computer programmes but the information you have stored on your laptop or PC can be impossible to recreate once it has been lost. Video’s, pictures, documents, financial information, the list is endless of how much data we now store on our computers.
Unless you backup your data all of this can be lost as quick as a flash. Here are a few of the many reasons which could lead to the loss of your data and files.

Computer Crash

As technology improves and computers are built to last, it’s hard to imagine a computer crashing in this day and age. But unfortunately the inevitable does still happen and preparing for the worst could save you a lot of time, money and pain in the long run.

Hard Drive Failure

When the worst happens it is normally at the most inconvenient time ever. If you are working to a strict deadline for work or half way through editing some family picture albums the last thing you want is for everything to disappear.

Virus Infection

Viruses are becoming more and more malicious and if your computer is attacked it can be very detrimental. Some viruses will slow your computer down; others may not even allow you to log on. If the worst happens computer technicians will normally advise you to wipe your whole system clean and start from scratch.


If you use a laptop and are out and about, your laptop could be an easy target for thieves. Even desktop computers are sort after as they can be broken down and sold on as parts.

Computer Damage

Laptops can easily be damaged through being dropped or banged whilst in transit. Desktops can be susceptible to fire, damage and flood. If you are a small business make sure you have business insurance to help cover the costs of unforeseen circumstance. ( will let you compare costs and type of cover to ensure you get the best cover for your needs. Remember as that allow insurance companies can provide cover for your hardware your data may not be so easily replaced.

Backing up your data should be part of a daily or weekly routine which is completed seamlessly, ensuring none of your data is lost. There are lots of options available to help you backup your important data including online backup and software solutions. You may also consider using a data centre to store your data. Data Centres provide vital services such as data storage, data management, backup and disaster recovery.


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