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How to look after your stairlift

shutterstock_279289292If you have had a stairlift fitted, you will now be enjoying the many benefits a stairlift offers. If you were previously living downstairs because you couldn’t navigate the stairs you will once again be enjoying your independence, privacy and even sleeping once again in your own bed.

Having a stairlift fitted provides freedom for the user so that they can access all areas of their home again, safely. Once you have your stairlift fitted, taking good care of it will ensure you don’t suffer breakdowns which could easily be avoided.

Here’s a few top tips of how to keep your stairlift in good working order.


Cleaning your stairlift should be undertaken by an able-bodied member of your family or by a maintenance professional. Some parts of your stairlift are easy to manage whilst others like the track – see below – are more difficult. The seat can be cleaned using a slightly damp cloth and wiped over every week or as and when needed. Make sure that you dry the seat afterwards to avoid anyone slipping if they use the seat immediately afterwards. Makes sure you only clean the seat when it is at the bottom of the stairs to avoid any falls. Never use cleaning solvents, bleach or abrasive cleaners on any part of the equipment as they can corrode mechanisms causing your stairlift to be unsafe when being used.


The track will need lubrication but this job we would recommend this is only carried out by a professional stairlift engineer or someone who has been shown how to do add lubrication to the track as this can very fiddly. For safety reasons remember to turn the stairlift power off before you carry out this task. Before adding the lubricant, you will need to carefully and thoroughly clean the track with a damp cloth to remove any excess build up of black carbon residue and dust. Application of the lubricant should be applied extremely carefully as too much can cause the rollers to slide rather than roll and do not apply the lubricant to the chain itself.

Annual Serviceshutterstock_717362107

An annual service should always take place of your stairlift. Your stairlift provider like Newbury Mobility who provide stairlifts in Newbury and the surrounding areas should contact you after installation to ensure your stairlift is serviced regularly. As part of the annual service they will thoroughly check all parts of your stairlift, to ensure any signs of wear and tear are addressed and will replace any parts as needed.


Read your manual

Before you embark on cleaning your stairlift make sure you read your manual thoroughly to ensure you do not compromise any warranty or guarantee you may have in place with your manufacturer. If you have any doubts or think your stairlift needs urgent attention, call an experienced professional stairlift engineer immediately.

If you are caring for an elderly person The Age UK website has lots of helpful information and advice:

If you are considering buying a stairlift the Which website has lots of helpful advice for you to consider:

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