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Anti-theft car devices

cars parked outside houses

For many people buying a car is the second biggest purchase they are likely to make. With so many makes and models on the road it can be a hard task breaking down your selection to ensure your purchase is perfect in every way and suits your purpose.

As well as the cost of the car itself there are many other expenses to consider including servicing, MOT, Car Tax and of course car insurance. With car theft a problem for many areas, insurance premiums have become dearer for many of us but especially for the youngsters just starting out. It’s always best to receive more than one quote for your insurance and internet based companies such as Money Supermarket ( can help you search for the best deals.

With the majority of thefts being opportunistic, protecting your car by using anti-theft devices could save you from having to claim on your insurance. Many car dealers including L&L Automotive who are a Mercedes dealership are happy to offer advice and help with car security. Here are a few of the simplest ideas and devices which could help protect your car.

Obvious Ideas

Without sounding like your grandmother teaching you how to suck eggs, make sure you do all the obvious things that don’t cost a penny. Remove valuables from sight, or even better remove them from the car, never leave your car running unattended and close all the windows when you park your car.

Anti-tow strategies

If you are parking your car on a street overnight, turn your wheels into the kerb or the wall, make sure the steering lock is on and apply the handbrake. This will make it harder for anyone trying to steal your car by towing it away.

Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks are a great visual anti-theft deterrent and will help to make any opportunity thieve move onto the next car when they realise they have to contend with a big piece of metal first.

Car Alarm

Installing a car alarm will again help to deter any thief from targeting your car. You could also invest in a car bonnet lock to make sure your alarm can’t be disconnected and a back-up battery to ensure maximum protection.


Every car has a unique VIN, (Vehicle Identification Number) etching this number onto various parts of your car will help keep it safe. Windows, under your bonnet, battery and your boot are great places to deter thieves. This will make it harder for your car to be broken down and sold on as parts.

Vehicle Tracking System

For a more expensive deterrent, vehicle tracking will trace your car if it has been stolen by using GPS. The transmitter is hidden in the car and the whereabouts is only known by the company supplying the service. As soon as you report your car as stolen, the device is turned on and your car located in real-time.

Visit the RAC website for further information on how to prevent car theft:

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