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Are Solar Panels For You?

solar panels on house

Solar panels, everyone has heard of them, not all of us know much about them other than they can save you money on your dreaded electricity bills each month. Solar panels are made from photovoltaic cells, or PV cells for short. They turn sunlight into electricity which can be fed into your home so you can make a cup of tea in the morning. The actual technology behind solar panels is quite dated, although in recent years it has kept the same formula but has been improved dramatically.


Solar panels are marketed as being environmentally friendly, this is true as any electricity that is not used is stored for another time. Other than the fact some argue they do not look that attractive on your home they seem to have quite a few positives. But what makes your home suitable?

Ideally, you want a home that you own, with a large south facing roof. In a perfect world of course! If you are renting your current property, then you must get permission from the landlord before you have solar panels installed, there is no harm in presenting the facts and figures to the owner with the hope he sees it as a long term investment. If you live in a flat solar panels may not be the best option, especially if you are in the basement or a mid-floor apartment. Not only will you not see much sun, but you have to consider your neighbours view points, they may not see the benefits and only the futuristic look of the actual panels. Of course, if you own the top flat and have no arguments then solar panels could be a great choice.

There are no set rules to say if your home is suitable or not for solar panels, but there are plenty of companies like Warm Space that are happy to talk you through your options.

Other areas which often worries people about installing solar panels are the good old English weather and the quality of electricity. The quality of your electricity will not suffer, you will use the same energy as before, however the power is simply supplemented with a greener and more environmentally friendly source. Nothing changes with your existing electricity and gas supplier either, hopefully the bills will just be lower! The English weather is the talk of the whole country, solar panels don’t need direct sunlight they also work in cloudy and overcast weather, which we see plenty of!

Here is just some information about solar panels there are lots of positives and negatives of having them installed. Take your time and do your research, if solar panels are not for you Which? have some helpful hints to cut your electricity usage around your home. 

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