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Why you should use a reputable SEO agency

Every type of business from one-man bands to multi-million pound corporations understand the importance of having a website in today’s technology-driven world.

If you already have a website, you’re probably all-too aware that there are thousands of companies out there promising to get you to number one in Google. The questions you might be asking yourself is do you even need an SEO agency and does it make a difference which one you use?

Below we highlight just a few of the reasons why it’s so important to use a reputable digital marketing agency.


They free up your time and bring a fresh perspectiveshutterstock_189399701

Getting your website to rank highly on the likes of Google is no mean feat. It takes hard work, persistence and a great deal of time. Sadly, few companies have the time or resources to dedicate to SEO which is why it’s so often neglected.

Offloading this function to an agency not only frees up your time and ensures the job gets done, these professionals can also see your business from a new light and bring in fresh perspectives as a result. What’s more, they can also utilise their experience from other industries to help generate new ideas and techniques that in-house staff may not have already considered.

They’re experts

Search engines are constantly changing their preferred SEO methods which means that even if you were an expert in this field five years ago, you may be using old-school techniques which are no longer effective.

Unless you have the time to keep up with the likes of Google’s Panda updates and all the latest black hat techniques, you could actually be doing more harm than good to your website. Read this blog to find out why you need to keep on top of these practices:

As well as taking this pressure away from you, a reputable SEO agency will constantly be training their staff to stay on top of these changes. Using a company that’s a certified Google partner is a great way to ensure you’re using a top agency. Google only awards this title to companies that continuously meet their requirements in certification, ad spend and performance so you know you’re in good hands

You don’t have to worry about recruitment

If there’s one thing guaranteed to give you a headache, it’s recruitment. From writing out job specs, posting adverts and sifting through applications to interviewing, drawing up contracts and then training new starters, recruitment is expensive and time consuming.

Whether you need help with a one-off project or a long-term campaign, an agency completely eliminates the stress of recruitment. After an initial brief which will allow them to learn all about your business, an agency can get straight to work. Another huge benefit is you don’t have to worry about projects coming to a standstill when staff are off sick or on holiday. If you’ve ever wondered how much employing someone costs your company, read this article –

shutterstock_484916758You gain access to valuable contacts

From getting your content in with a popular publisher to being put in touch with the very best in user experience, good agencies have a long list of trusted suppliers which can be beneficial to your business. Although in-house hires may have some great contacts too, an agency is guaranteed to have far more because they have collective experience and industry knowledge.

They enable you to utilise all the latest technologies

There are some truly brilliant automation and analytics software programmes out there which makes SEO and digital marketing processes more advanced, streamlined and effective. One of the biggest benefits of using an agency is that you get to utilise these technologies without having to pay a fortune for them.

Agencies have access to all this new technology which they will be using to ensure your campaigns are a success. Working with an agency is the best way to get access to advanced software without the investment.

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