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What are the benefits of steel guttering?

It may not seem like the most exciting topic in the world but gutters make up an important part of any house or building.

They are designed to re-route any rain that falls onto the roof of your house and direct it to the ground, away from the foundation of the property. This keeps the area around the house from becoming waterlogged and it also stops rainwater from leaking into the basement or causing damage to the structure of the house and/or its surrounding landscape.

shutterstock_356004620Installing the right guttering has become an increasingly important aspect of home maintenance in recent years. With the extreme flooding that the UK has been experiencing, it means that homeowners have to do more to protect their homes from potential flood damage and that’s where things like gutters come into the equation.

When it comes to guttering, you have different options available. For example, you may opt for a system made out of steel or you may prefer one made from plastic. As it is one of the most popular materials, below we have highlighted some of the benefits of steel guttering.


One of the biggest benefits of steel guttering is that it’s far more durable and robust than uPVC. Steel does not crack, creak or fade and another benefit is that it retains its good looks for longer.

The UK is increasingly being exposed to extreme weather conditions which can make it hard for things such as our gutters to cope. Plastic in particular tends to deform permanently when exposed to significant weather changes whereas steel gutters can expand or contract in relation to the conditions it’s being exposed to.

Another problem with plastic gutters is that UV light causes them to become brittle and their brackets and rubber seals can weaken. This can lead to a parting of the joints which will result in leaks. Steel on the other hand is a lot tougher and can withstand greater UV exposure.


We all like to do what we can for the environment and make more conscious decisions when they’re available to us. One of the reasons why so many people opt for steel gutters is because they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life which means that you can reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

No leaks


Thanks to advances in technology, steel gutters have come a long way. The likelihood of their joints breaking down or splitting or of screws and bolts eroding and snapping is now completely eliminated. The outcome of this means no leakages which is exactly what you want and need from your gutters. If you suffer from leaking gutters it makes the entire process pointless because the aim of them is to stop water from settling near your property in the first place.

Easy to maintain

 Another great benefit of steel guttering is that it can be unassembled quickly and easily when necessary. An example of when you might need to do this is when they need cleaning. In this incidence, the downpipes can easily be taken off which makes maintenance much easier than trying to do it while the gutters are still attached to your house.

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