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Timeless Style

The world we live in today seems to encourage a throw away society. From bottles of water and plastic bags to washing machines and new technology TV screens, instead of reusing or repairing we replace the old with new.

Fashion is also following suit. With new styles and trends released every season, it’s no wonder our cupboards and closets become over stuffed with items we no longer wear as they are not the latest fashion statement. To find out more about recycling your old clothes follow this link:

However, there are a few timeless style’s that have been around for decades and will no doubt be around for a few more, which can help reduce our wardrobe overload. As Coco Chanel famously quoted ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’.

Here we explore some of the iconic styles that are sure to last the test of time.

Classic White Shirt
The simple white shirt has long been thought of as a men’s wardrobe staple that women stole the idea from. Wherever the idea came from it’s a classic look that looks chic and modern. Make sure you stay on trend by choosing optic white and keep away from school-girl shaped styles and rolled sleeves. For a summer classic look go for loose linen and at other times choose a crisp cotton.



Coco Chanel bought trousers for women into fashion in the 1920’s. She was closely followed by Katherine Hepburn who embraced the tomboy look in the 1930’s and the rest as they say is history. Menswear fashion suits any shape or frame hence why it’s popularity seems to come back time and again. Additionally, the look doesn’t have to be worn just in the office. Be careful not to wear sizes too big, and make sure you accessorize to add a feminine air such as high heels or statement jewellery.


Animal Prints
Back in the 18th Century as the Europeans started to colonise Asia and Africa, skins of wild animals such as leopards, tigers and zebras became popular. Of course, the beauty of the colours, black, white and brown is that they are neutral colours and can therefore be worn throughout the seasons. Nowadays it’s all about prints rather than real furs but having a few staples in your wardrobe will always add a touch of glamour to a monotone outfit.


The Straight Leg Jean
The 60’s introduced denim to our fashion repertoire. There are of course many different fashion trends that come and go, but the ‘denim look’ never seems to age. The straight leg jean epitomises timeless style and will always be a good companion for the latest seasons in fashion top or jacket. Fashion houses like Edwin bring in new designs normally twice a year but the classic straight leg jean is always available.


A Simple Striped T
Classic, beautiful and timeless, a Breton t-shirt will always hit the spot. This elegant simple design can be worn dressed up or down, a completely versatile number that will stay in our wardrobes for years to come. For a casual look, wear with some jeans or slacks alternatively wear underneath a blazer for a formal look.


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