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Things to consider when choosing your holiday destination abroad

plane flying over sea

Travelling abroad is seen by many of us nowadays as ‘normal’. In recent studies Spain has come out top as being the most visited country by UK Citizens with trips to Egypt on the decline. For those of us who haven’t travelled abroad frequently or for ‘first-timers’ the world can seem a rather large place. So how do people make that decision of selecting their ideal holiday spot?

Well, there are many things to consider when choosing your holiday location and the reasons can be wide and varied. But many people will be swayed by climate, country safety, language, facilities and of course how much they want to pay!

If you’re concerned about travelling abroad and have yet to make that break and step onto foreign soil here are some top tips to help you keep safe whilst you travel the globe.


The internet has made the world a smaller place. With the power of Google you can find out so much more than ever before and all at the touch of a button. Before selecting your destination make sure you find out about the country’s culture, currency, customs and anything else you think that may affect your holiday.

Travel Documents

Some countries require additional visa’s on entry to them. For instance if you are travelling to Russia you will have to apply for a visa which will be added to your passport proving you have been approved to travel. There are specialist companies who can help you obtain the correct documentation. You can also check out the government website for more details on what you may need. There are also a number of apps available you can download to help you find the information you need such as this one


Have you checked your passport is in date and checked that it does not expire whilst you are overseas? There are some countries who insist that your passport is at least 6 months in date by the time you leave their country so make sure you check your dates!


The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) enables travellers to receive state-provided healthcare in European Economic Area (EEA) countries which includes Switzerland, at a reduced cost or for free. This will cover your treatment until you return back to the UK. It however does not replace travel insurance which should be bought separately.

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Travel Insurance

If travelling abroad it is essential that you have travel insurance to cover a variety of mishaps that could happen whilst overseas. As well as healthcare, travel insurance can also cover you for cancellations, delaying your trip or cutting your trip short, as well as lost baggage, personal effects and personal liability. Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before purchasing your policy to ensure you are not excluded for pre-existing medical conditions. Some companies such as USA SummerCamp will provide travel insurance for 90 days whilst you are working in one of their camps but if you decide to travel afterwards you will need to arrange separate cover.

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