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Are you looking to change your Service Desk Support in 2014?

Every year as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we all vow to better ourselves in some way. Maybe we make a resolution to eat healthier, lose weight, change jobs or even start studying again. If you are considering joining a gym as your New Year resolution, the Money Saving Expert website has some great information on gym deals that you may find helpful. Unfortunately though for many of us, before January has even come to an end, all of these resolutions are nothing but a distant memory.

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If you really want 2014 to be the year that you improve productivity in your workplace however, there is a very simple, yet effective way to achieve this. Changing your Service Desk Support to a reputable and reliable provider can offer endless benefits. As well as saving valuable time and money, effective Service Desk Software can improve customer relations and the overall performance of your business processes.


What should you look for in a Service Desk Support company however? When there are so many different providers out there nowadays, it can be difficult to even know where to begin. Below we have highlighted some of the most important factors that should be considered when you are looking to implement or change the support software being used in your business.


Reputation – For most of us, software is like a foreign language and we know very little about it. As a result, we put a lot of trust into the promises that companies sell us when we purchase products such as these. Even if you know absolutely nothing about Service Desk Support, there are a number of things you can look out for when deciding who to use. Looking at a business’s clients and any affiliations they may have is an excellent way of assessing how genuine and successful a company is.


What objective metrics can they show? Ask any potential new providers to share the specifics about the service they offer. What’s their average speed to answer, their abandonment rate and percentage of first contact resolution? All of these are an excellent indicator of a company’s efficiency and effectiveness. This will reflect the quality of the product and service they provide, so don’t ever be afraid to ask for this information.


Do they provide training? Chances are that you aren’t going to know anything about your new Service Management Software. For this reason, it’s vital to use a provider who is happy to offer you and your staff all the training you need to get up to speed. The better you know your new product, the more effective it’s going to be so make sure your team is 100% confident before leaving them to use it on their own.


Do they offer ongoing support? As with anything, when it comes to Service Desk Support, you are going to encounter problems or have questions every so often. It’s important to use a supplier that offers ongoing maintenance and support so you’re not left in the dark should something go wrong. New software releases also ensure that customers can benefit from the latest enhancements, fixes and changes in technology so make sure that your provider can offer you this as well.


When using any company, whether it’s a Service Management Software provider, stationery suppliers or your favourite restaurant, customer service is a huge factor when deciding who to choose. Do you get a good feeling about the company? Are they happy to answer all of your questions? Is it easy to contact them? Make sure you look out for all of these things when you are looking for a new Service Desk Support company and chances are that you will have a long, happy and successful relationship with your new software.


This was written by Chris TT who works closely with Sunrise Software, specialists in providing various Software Solutions to businesses. Chris understands the importance increasing productivity in the workplace. When Chris is not at work he enjoys unwinding and relaxing with his family.

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