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Look after your drains to avoid costly problems!

When you have your own property the household chores can seem endless; from window cleaning to gutter clearing, from weeding to replacing roof tiles, there’s always something that needs fixing, mending or replacing and your drains are not exempt from this list!

Spotting issues early on can save you time and money in the long run, so make sure you give your drains the attention they deserve.

Here’s some advice and top tips to keep your drains in full working order.

Keep them flowing

Blocked sinks and drains are certainly not something any of us want to deal with, hence why prevention is certainly better than cure. One of the easiest wayshutterstock_302060321s to keep your drains trouble free is to regularly pour boiling water down them. This stops any build up of fats, grease and oil in your drains. It may be tempting to pour fat residue down the sink but doing so could cause you issues in the future. If you haven’t heard about the fatberg problems in London’s sewers read this article by The Guardian, but be warned, it is not for the faint hearted!

To avoid creating any more fatbergs, dispose of any old fats and oils by pouring them into an old plastic bottle and throwing it in the bin.

Post bad weather check

As part of your checks make sure your outdoor pipes haven’t been affected by the winter weather. With the harsh temperatures and prolonged cold spell we have just experienced this winter, it is worth spending extra time checking they have not been affected. Ensure they are still properly insulated and replace any that look weathered and broken. If you need to buy new ones, visit a reputable supplier like Drain Depot who will be able to give you good advice on what you need.

Clear any old debris away such as leaves, soil and rubbish and make sure there isn’t a build-up of old leaves inside the drain as well. Blocked drains can lead to flooding so it’s a good idea to clear them out regularly. And if you’re feeling virtuous, now could be a good time to also clean out your guttering.

shutterstock_563026114Check your pressure

As much as we all like the ultimate water pressure when we are showering, keeping your water pressure high can be detrimental to your plumbing. All domestic water pressure should be within a range of 50 to 75psi. Having a pressure higher than this can cause leaks, burst pipes and also damage any appliances you have. You can find out more about high water pressure issues by reading this blog:


If you’re unsure as to whether your water pressure is right, you can buy a water pressure tester. Simply attach it to an outside tap and take a reading. If it’s over 80psi you should contact a plumber and get further advice.

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