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Best Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are all about style and elegance as well as a certain amount of practicality and reliability.

If you’re planning on treating yourself to a luxury car, you may be wondering what the best deals on the market are at the moment, and how much more luxury you can get for your money.

Here we look at 5 of the best luxurious cars that are sure to get heads turning.

Mercedes-Benz S Classshutterstock_486541498

It must be said the Mercdes-Benz S Class is the epitome of comfort and luxury. It’s everything a luxurious car should be. Its top notch technology means everything can be altered and changed at the touch of a button both for driving and to ensure passengers are carried in complete comfort. And with hybrid options now available, it doesn’t have to be a horrifying petrol guzzler. To get the best deals on the market visit your local Mercedes dealership.

Audi A8

As Audi’s flagship car, the latest A8 comes with all the latest technical enhancements you can expect, with a whole load of news one for good measure. Autonomous driving are the current buzz words and the A8 does not disappoint on this front as it is equipped with hands-free autonomous capability built-in. Other technology includes; adaptive cruise control, blindspot monitoring, 360-degree cameras plus many more.

Jaguar XJ

First launched in 1968, the Jaguar XJ was the leading saloon car for Jaguar. Although it may not have such luxurious technical features as some of its rivals, the Jaguar XJ’s iconic and distinctive design sets it apart from its counterparts. Due to its low-slung driving position it’s a great car for those who wish to drive rather than be driven in, adding a lovely difference aspect to a luxury car. You can find out more about Jaguar’s history by following this link:

Lexus LSshutterstock_1017683215

Although many would say it’s not stylish enough to be in a top 5 list, we think the overall specification of the Lexus LS awards it a place in our top 5. Although it may not have all the technology of its competitors it does have a wide range of technical attributes one of which is the world’s first ever eight-speed automatic transmission. Inside it has a spacious interior, although certain features may not look as upmarket as you’d expect in a car of this class.

BMW 7 Series

Not only does the BMW 7 Series exude luxury, it is also a car that can be driven. Similar to most of its contemporaries it comes in both long and short wheel versions depending on how much leg room you’d like. However, its infotainment system is certainly something to write home about as it houses the latest version of BMW’s iDrive. iDrive ( is incredibly user friendly and can be activated by voice commands or by using the touch screen. Safety and security features are in abundance and of course it comes in a range of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid options. It is certainly a high contender and very worthy of a place in our top 5.

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