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A summer garden to be proud of!

flower pot

This year in the UK we have had a slow start to our summer but thankfully things are looking up as we recover from a tiny heatwave with the promise of more to come! With the lack of rain many lawns and gardens are looking dry and barren but there are plenty of things you can do to get your garden looking great for the BBQ season.

If you feel your garden needs a little spruce up and some colour added then why not follow our tips below to help give your garden a cheap and cheerful makeover? Here are some quick and easy wins to help you give your garden a new look for summer 2015!

Weed Removal

This may seem really obvious but weeding your beds and turning your soil will really give your garden a lift. If you have overgrown grass edges cut them back. You will be amazed at how much this can improve the look of your lawn and beds. If you do have a small budget placing chip bark or mulching your beds can help reduce weed growth, you could even consider adding edging to make life easier in the future. If you are unsure if your plants or flowers or weeds there are some great apps you can download onto your mobile device to help you identify the species such as Leafsnap.

Unsightly Rubbish

It’s very easy to start a pile of rubbish which then turns into a heap which then somehow turns into a mountain of rubbish which has taken over your patio! Have one final clear out of your shed, garage and garden and take it away to the tip. Not only will you get rid of the unsightly mess you’ll also have space to put your patio furniture out!

Raised Beds

If space is an issue why not make your own raised beds and grown some fruit and veg? Raised beds are a great way for people with mobility problems to get involved in gardening as they do not have to bend down so far and the beds can also be reached from a wheelchair.

Add Colour

Summer time bloom is not called that for nothing! If you haven’t had time to grow some bedding plants from seed, wait for your garden centre or local supermarket to start their summer sale. Once the offers have come out, fill any old pot or tub that you have to hand with bedding plants. Your patios and decking will soon be filled with an abundance of colour! Even old wellington boots make great plant pots!


It’s hard to tell how much slow growing trees actually grow but if you have suddenly noticed that your apple tree is out of control or the trees at the back of your garden and taking away the light from your beds then it could be time to call a tree surgeon to get them back in line. They will be able to shape and prune them professionally and advise you on how to keep them well maintained for the next couple of years.

tree surgeon

A lick of paint

Do your fences look tired? Could your shed do with brightening up? Giving wood a lick of paint will really revitalise your garden and have it looking fresh and summery in next to no time. You could even experiment and chose some lovely fashionable colours to really add a splash of life!

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