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Why should your business use a Data Centre?

A data centre offers a facility whereby an organisation can centralise its IT operations and equipment. But what are the benefits of choosing to move the hosting of your data and applications stored on your own servers, to a dependable data centre like Virtus Data Centres?

If you’re looking at moving your data, here’s a quick run through of some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.


Your chosen data centre will have state of the art technology, ensuring that you as the customer will get the very best service. When problems do occur can you can be rest assured that there will be qualified technicians on hand immediately to resolve any issues to ensure you and your customers do not suffer from extended periods of downtime.

Perfect Environment

Data centres are investing hugely to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently. A data centre will ensure that the perfect environment is created for the health of your servers with the correct amount of heating, lighting and cooling. They will also have stringent fire prevention contingencies to be used should a fire break out.

Enhanced Security

Security is paramount for any data centre. Keeping their customers data safe is their number one objective and should cover not only the physical safety but the process and digital aspects as well. They will have multiple levels of physical security systems, from 24/7 security and internal and external CCTV (advocated by the British Computer Society), to restricted pass code access and perimeter fencing. Your chosen data centre should also have a certified processes and procedures document that details their security process. Finally, your data centre will also have methods to help you choose the correct DDoS mitigation services suitable for your business.


Your data centre will also have a power back up solution that will kick in should they suffer a severe power outage at any time. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that should you suffer a power outage your data will still be available at no additional cost to you.

Advanced Technology

Technology as we all know moves at a frightening pace and Data Centres are not exempt from this progression. Most data centres state that they are at the leading edge of technology which is why they are at the forefront of innovative and leading technical breakthroughs.


Using a data centre will allow your company to be more flexible. If you are planning on growth and physical expansion, the services of a data centre will grow with your businesses demands. For instance, prior to using a data centre, if you doubled the amount of staff you may find that your server room requirements have also doubled in size which could result in you outgrowing the size of your premises. Using a data centre will allow you to increase your server space quickly and efficiently without worrying about having to physically relocate your company.

For more information about data centres located in and around the UK and which location you should choose, you can read this article:

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