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Why is it so important to monitor your website traffic?


By now, everyone knows just how important a website is to any company. This is why the vast majority of businesses not only have their own site, but also do everything they can to drive traffic to it.

Sadly, this is where the process ends for many. All of the focus is on attracting traffic but little thought goes into what visitors are actually doing once they’re on the site. Unfortunately, it’s this lack of understanding that ends up costing companies thousands of pounds in potential revenue every year.

If you want to get the most out of your website, here are just a few of the reasons why you should be using at least one analytics tool to monitor its performance.

Monitor your bounce rate

If you’re using a tool like Google Analytics ( then you will notice that one of the measurements is ‘bounce rate’. This is the percentage of your visitors who are leaving your website after looking at just one page (normally the home page). This indicates that your website is off-putting in some way or you are using the wrong keywords to attract traffic.

Knowing your bounce rate is very important because if you’re not making the level of sales you would expect, this can explain a lot. If your bounce rate is low then chances are that there isn’t a significant problem with the look and feel of your site but if it’s high, then you will certainly need to look at the design and navigation.

What are people looking at when they’re on your site?

Web analytics tools are invaluable to any marketer because they enable you to monitor exactly what people are looking at while they’re on your website.
If you run an accountancy firm for example and you notice that your payroll services page gets very little traffic, this indicates that either people simply aren’t interested in that service or perhaps your site navigation needs some work because people can’t find that specific page.

If your tax returns page receives the highest amount of hits, you know that this is an incredibly popular service and you can therefore focus your marketing efforts on this.

What keywords are people using to find your website?

One of the most helpful features of web analytics tools is being able to determine which keywords people are typing into the likes of Google to find your website. This is invaluable because it tells you exactly what people are looking for and how many people are typing in specific queries. For more information on web analytics visit:

graphs on tablet

Behaviour flow

Looking at the flow of your traffic and when it’s leaving your site is key to boosting sales. If for example, you see that 2,000 people land on your home page and only 10 go on to look at services, you know there’s a big problem.

On the other hand, you can retrace the steps of those who went on to complete a conversion (such as make a purchase or submit a form) and adapt your website accordingly. If there’s a method that seems to increase the likelihood of a sale, it makes sense to change your site navigation to steer more people in this direction.

One of the problems that many companies face is that they simply don’t have the time or expertise to properly monitor their website traffic. If this sounds familiar, there are plenty of data analysis companies and performance marketing companies that can focus on this for you as well as determine how to ensure that your website is reaching its full potential.

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