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Which Mouthwash?!

toothpaste on toothbrush

Television adverts have a lot to answer for. Chocolate bars, girl’s toys, boy’s toys. New cars, make-up perfume! You name it and they advertise it. But how do you figure which product really does what it says it does and is better than its competitors.

When it comes to buying dental products it can get all rather confusing. After all if you have sensitive teeth you may opt for a brand that helps reduce sensitivity but what if you would like your teeth to be pearly white as well? Does the brand that says it can do this really do this? Or should you buy both of them and mix them on your toothbrush? Well it’s certainly a thought that’s run through my head!

Today we thought we would focus on mouthwashes. There are so many different brands, types and flavours on the market today that it’s hard to even know where to start. But as with most things it’s best to get professional advice first. So if you have never used a mouthwash before make sure you see your dentist first to get their advice. Based on your dental health they will be able to offer first hand advice based on your personal circumstances. You can also visit the Dental Heath website for more information, help and advice.

So firstly you need to ask yourself ‘What I am trying to achieve by using a mouthwash?’ This simple question will help funnel your search and here’s why:

Bad Breath

This is probably what is known in the industry as the cosmetic type. These mouthwashes are used simply to help combat bad breath and help freshen your mouth. They can help take away bad tastes and odours but rarely have the capability to fight bacteria and gum disease.

Gum Disease

These types of mouthwash are known as antiseptic mouthwashes but are thankfully not as bad tasting as their name may suggest! They can help to fight against tooth decay and plaque build-up. Studies have proven that they can be fairly successful showing they can help reduce plaque by 25% but be warned, they are absolutely not a replacement for brushing and flossing, they are simply an extra method of helping you keep in great oral shape.


It is important to find out in your area how much fluoride is currently added to your drinking water. If you suffer from tooth cavities you may find that using a fluoride based mouthwash will help your oral health. It is imperative that you check with a professional dental team first before adding additional fluoride to your oral regime.

green mouthwash

You should be aware that many mouthwashes contain alcohol in them and are made in bright attractive colours with nice tastes, which can make them more attractive to small children. Due to the level of alcohol contained in the product make sure you store all bottles out of the reach of children to ensure they do not try to drink them.

Remember, with any changes to your oral routine it’s always best to check with your dentist first.

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