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When a cable tie can come in handy

colourful cable ties

I’m not sure when Thomas & Betts first invented the cable tie back in 1958 they had any idea how versatile and handy as an everyday household item it would become or even how long it would stay around. The original design was actually manufactured in metal and it was only in later versions that manufacturers changed to a plastic/nylon design. Suppliers now stock all types of colours, lengths and types and normally sell them in large quantities, some of which you can view here.

The world is certainly a better place for the cable tie invention and here’s why. Not only can it be used for its true purpose of ensuring your cables are kept together in an orderly fashion behind your computer desk but this versatile creation can be used in all sorts of places, for all kinds of uses!

Gardeners around the world I’m sure not only have cable ties in their sheds for securing cables but also for helping to ensure plants grow up things and through things by being kept in position. Trailing plants and new plants as well as those that are being trained to grow in a particular style can all be teased into place by a simple cable tie.

If you’re taking your bikes on holiday and are transporting them on the roof of your car you may want to stop the wheels from spinning by securing them with a tie. Remember to take some spares with you so you can secure them for your journey home as well!

They are also incredibly handy during seasonal periods for instance if you have visitors or for when you are hanging up your Christmas decorations. If you have young guests and your house isn’t child proof a quick and easy solution to stop little fingers opening cupboards and drawers is to use cable ties to keep them closed. You can quickly and easily replace cable ties at virtually no cost as well which makes them even more versatile. Cable ties are an absolute must at Christmas time as they can be used outside as well as inside to hold decorations in place. If you’ve never had outside lights before as you’re worried about them blowing down securing them in place with a cable tie could be the answer to your problems! You can also use them to hang baubles or ornaments on your tree.

And for those of you who have lost a hub cap over the years and know how frustrating and inconvenient this can be why not keep your existing ones on your car and securely in place by using your good old friend the tie wrap.

christmas lights

For those who have limited grip or mobility issues a cable tie can easily be added to the end of a zipper on all sorts of clothing items such as jackets, coats, trousers and tops. The cable tie adds extra room for fingers that aren’t so nimble to grip onto, making zipping up clothes much easier than before.

We hope you enjoy your new found uses of cable ties in and around the home!

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