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What are the benefits of roof rainwater drainage?

As the UK is subjected to an increasing amount of rainfall every year, flood defences are struggling to cope and as a result, millions of pounds worth of damage is being caused to properties up and down the country.

The good news is that there are a number of tactics that homeowners can employ in a bid to reduce their chances of being subjected to flooding. One of the most effective is to install a roof drainage system so below we have listed the benefits of doing exactly this.

shutterstock_440227768Reduces flooding and damage

The most obvious reason to install a roof drainage system is because it can reduce the chances of your house flooding and your roof incurring any damage.

If you have a flat roof for example, there’s nowhere for rainwater to go so it will just end up sitting there until it evaporates. If this is happening on a regular basis or water sits on your roof for a long period of time, it can start to weaken and water may start seeping into your home. 

They’re incredibly durable

These days, rainwater drainage systems are incredibly sophisticated and they therefore ensure trouble-free performance. Innovative product designs which have been matched with full industry compliance mean that they’re also suitable for use in construction projects.

High performance metal roof outlets are available in a number of options and have the added benefits of being lightweight, non-corrosive and made from highly durable materials. Cast iron drainage systems offer extreme strength and durability and are therefore well-suited to load bearing applications.

Even in situations where awkward detailing is apparent, there’s normally a solution.

They’re subtle

You may be worried about adding drainage to your roof because you think it could make the house look unsightly. Thanks to advances in technology however, this doesn’t have to be a concern because roof drainage is subtle and there are a number of designs which are available to suit your home. 

You can reduce your water bills

Did you know that you could be paying less for your water bills if surface water from your property doesn’t drain into sewers? You can in fact be entitled to a reduction in your water bills if: shutterstock_300591569

  • The surface water from your roof drains directly to the ground via a soakaway (a means of draining water away through the ground)
  • All the surface water from your garden or hard standing areas drains directly to the ground
  • All the surface water from your property drains directly into a watercourse, brook or stream
  • You pay a third party to dispose of your surface water

Makes it easier to sell your house

Flooding is something that people are becoming increasingly worried about and if you live in a property that is deemed to be at risk of flooding, it can make it difficult to sell.

If however, you have taken all the precautions you can, this will make your property a lot more attractive to potential buyers. A roof drainage system can make people feel more at ease and it’s also likely to make it easier to get flood insurance and you may even be able to pay lower premiums.

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