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Welcome to TTDI. This blog site is our place to write about all those geeky things in the news. We’ll be covering interesting and new gadgets and gizmos, new software companies, computing concepts and technical software. Our topics will cover anything that we think is fascinating, exciting and original.

Welcome to our blog site

We are very excited to be starting this new blog site to talk about all those geeky things that we find fascinating. We will write about the top 10 gadgets and gizmos for 2013 to technical software being released in 2014 over the coming few months. Your thoughts and views will be warmly welcomed.

With Christmas fast approaching, the most sought after gadgets will quickly be bought off of the shop shelves but it’s only after the mad Christmas rush has been and gone that the proper reviews will come out. We will find out which products were worth their money and those that have already been binned! We plan to find out who spent their money wisely and who wished they hadn’t!

Please visit us again soon and read about all those geeky things that you may be thinking about buying or you may just want to read about current subjects in the technical world.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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