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Tips and gadgets for a peaceful night’s sleep

lady covering her ears

A disturbed night’s sleep can leave you and your partner feeling tired and drained the next morning. But with a market flooded with anti-snoring devices, tips and tricks, how do you know which gadget or method will help you both get a restful night’s sleep.

If you are at all concerned about your snoring or if you think you may suffer from sleep apnoea it is best to make an appointment with your doctor so they can thoroughly examine you and make sure there are no underlying medical issues. You can also find out more information on the British Snoring website.

The best way to see which may work for you is to give them a try one by one. We have listed below some of the best tips and products, from the cheapest ideas to the more expensive bespoke solutions, to help you in your conquest to banish the snoring from your bedroom.

Higher Pillows

Raising your pillows can help open your airways by supporting your neck. The downside is that many people find it hard to sleep half sitting up and if they do, they can wake up with a bad back. Worth a go though as it could be a cheap and cheerful solution.

Herbal Spray

Also known as Rhynil spray, and is made completely from herbal ingredients. The spray contains astringent properties which help to treat ‘palatal flutter’. The spray contains antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties so can be a great way to help keep infections at bay as well.

Breathe Right

Breathe Right strips are applied to the outside of the nose to help encourage the nasal passages to open. This keeps the air flowing freely along the nasal passage and so helps to reduce snoring. Many high street chemists like Boots stock Breathe Right strips and on the plus side they are fairly inexpensive to buy.

Mouth Guard

Dentists like Care Dental now provide custom-made anti-snoring devices which help to position the jaw forward and therefore moving the tongue forward as well. This stops the tongue moving to the back of the mouth and allows air to move freely.

Sleep Position

Sleeping on your back can cause your airways to become restricted, which is why many people snore when they sleep on their backs. If you can sleep on your side this may resolve your snoring problems completely. However learning to sleep on your side permanently could be your next problem.

man sleeping

Chin Up Strap

This device cleverly fits around your head and chin to keep your mouth closed to stop snoring. The device keeps the lower jaw in an upward position, increasing the three dimensional space for airflow and encourages you to breathe your nose.

Of course if all of the above fails it may be worth investing in some ear plugs for your partner!

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