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Is it time for a website overhaul?

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You may think it was only a few years ago when your first designed your website but with technology updating and changing constantly, the chances are, your website is now out of date putting you behind the competition. Remember, your website gives your potential customers their first impression of your company. If it’s outdated and unimpressive you may be losing business.

Here are some clues that may indicate your website could do with a redesign.



In today’s world, all of us expect information to be easy and quick to find. With internet browsers, if your website doesn’t grab people’s attention immediately they can easily click off your site and find another one which is more appealing and probably your competitor! Make sure your website loads quickly on every browser.


Have you optimised your website? If you searched for your business in Google would you appear at the top of the page? If not then it’s very likely you’re losing business. Unless someone is specifically searching for your company name it’s unlikely they will find you. If you can’t find yourself then your potential clients won’t be able to either.

Browser Issues

As technology has changed, people can browse the internet using different browsers. Make sure your website can be read on all the new browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Your site needs to be accessible by everyone regardless of the technology they use.

Mobile Users

Recent studies have proven that 30% of people now search the internet from mobile devices. If your website is not compatible with mobile devices such as smart phones and iPad’s you will be losing clients. Test your website by loading it on your own mobile device. Check that it displays properly and loads quickly. If your website is old you may well find that the site won’t load and the content maybe distorted.

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Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In are just some of the social platforms people now use to communicate on. If your business does not have a presence you will be seen as being out of date and behind the times. All of these social platforms can easily be linked through your website making updates and newsworthy events quick and easy to do.


All websites should be easy to use, giving your visitor a great user experience. Make sure your site reads well i.e. isn’t crammed with too much information that’s hard to follow, in an easy to read format. Use bullets and sub titles to break up your copy. Your website should have at least 5 pages to ensure that search engines take notice of your presence. Imagery should load quickly giving a fresh modern look to your site.

If you want to keep up with the times, review your website and try and view it through the eyes of your visitors. Pentangle Dental has a great new website which has been recently designed and is both fresh and appealing.

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