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Things you should do before putting your house on the market!

Selling your home can sometimes be a decision that happens quickly. Maybe a house that you’ve always wanted to buy has just come on the market, or you’ve just been promoted to a new job in a different area which means you’ll have to relocate.

No matter how you’ve come by the decision, if it all seems to be happening quickly here are some top tips on getting your home ready for the market ,so that you can sell at the price you want, quickly and easily.

Curb Appeal

Try looking at your property from the road as if you were viewing it for the first time as someone else. What would they see? Is it inviting? Does it give off the right vibes? If you need to spruce the front of your property up here are a few quick wins:shutterstock_274752770

  1. Wash your windows, doors and frames
  2. Trim back any hedges and shrubs that are overgrown and weed any borders and paths
  3. Fix any broken gates, hinges and locks
  4. Paint any wooden doors or fences to give them a fresh look
  5. Add some colour with hanging baskets and potted containers – visit your local garden centre like Hillier ( who will have ready made pots you can buy


Decluttering is not only cathartic it will help you in the long term as well. Apply the less is more rule and remove items such as old paperwork or piles of clothes that are building up on worktops, windowsills and cupboards. Make sure your cupboards aren’t full to the brim and if your rooms have too much furniture, take some items out and store them in your garage or shed as a temporary measure. Decluttering will not only help you sell your property, but it will also help you on move day if you’ve already got rid of any items that you no longer need or want. If you’re unsure of where to start, follow this link:


If you can depersonalise your home, it will help potential buyers visualise themselves living in your home and will also help them not to get distracted by looking at your family pictures and personal works of art. Remove any photographs and bold paintings so that your house viewers have a blank canvas to work with.

Pet Aware!

shutterstock_741360739Make sure any pets who like to welcome house visitors are removed from your home when the appointments are due. Not everyone likes to be bowled over by an enthusiastic welcome from your friendly Labrador. Ask someone to take them out for a walk or even better take them out yourself so your estate agent can show your prospective buyers around without you having to get involved. A professional estate agency like Prospect Estate Agents will have experienced sales negotiators who are trained to show your home off to it’s full potential, to get you the best price.

It’s the little things that count

Once you’ve completed and arranged all of the bits and pieces above, your last task is to go through your home, room by room, and hallway by hallway, looking for all the things you know you should have got fixed over the years but just haven’t had chance to do so. Make a list and start them out. If you need to change a bulb, now’s the time to do it: if you’ve got cupboard handles and doors falling off when you open them, it’s time to get the screwdriver out. And don’t forget to clean, hoover and dust everywhere to within an inch of its life!

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