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The Top Five Japanese Streetwear Brands Today

If you’re looking to change up your style this summer, Japanese streetwear is the way forward. Japanese streetwear is up and coming and is most well-known for its extreme styles mixed of both local and foreign labels.

Listed below are the current top five Japanese streetwear brands in 2020 ranging between simple design wear to bolder statement clothes:

Beautiful young woman helping to choose clothes to her customer while working in the fashion boutique

  1. Undercover
    Undercover was founded by Jun Takahashi, it is a Japanese fashion brand specialising in punk-fused, American-influenced streetwear styles. Their moto is “We make noise, not clothes”. The streetwear brand has also collaborated with some well establish household brand such as NIKE, Valentino, Doc Martens, Converse and more. You can find out more about the designer by following this link:
  2. Needles
    The ‘Needles’ brand was created by two good friends, Keizo Shimizu and Daiki Suzuki. Needles is a Japanese streetwear brand is inspired by classic American military clothing and casual wear. The design and style are eccentric and not to everyone’s taste. However, Needles have gained a large following over the years, of those who love their bold reworks, contemporary designs and attention to detail.
  3. Yohji Yamamoto
    Next up we have Yohji Yamamoto, which is one of the famous Japanese designers. This brand takes Japanese simplicity to a whole new level with its incredible designs and minimalism. Their distinctive style has more drapes and many layers compared to other streetwear brands. This includes drop-crotches, oversized fits and asymmetric silhouettes. If you want clothes that are colorful and out there, this brand is not for you. Yohji generally works with black, in many of his collaborations. Which vary from, Doc Martins, Adidas and many more.
  4. Facetasm
    Facetasm was founded by Hiromichi Ochiai, his designs are completely different to minimalist designers like Yohji Yamamoto. Every collection Facetasm releases is different to the previous. Hiromichi is inspired by Tokyo street culture in a fun way. Their previous designs are vibrant, bold and quirky.ouple bonding to each other while sitting on the wooden pallet with grey wall in the background and fallen leaves on the floor
  5. A Bathing Ape (BAPE)
    Finally, we’re finishing the list at BAPE which is the current most famous Japanese Streetwear brand out there. The brand has two minor labels, AAPE (by A Bathing Ape) and BAPY (Busy Working Lady). However, their main label is BAPE is most popular. BAPE is most well known for their famous camo patterned clothing.

If you like the sound of these brands and want to discover more Japanese Streetwear designers, visit

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