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The best travel apps


Can you believe it was only 4 years ago when the first iPad hit the markets? Even though this kind of revolutionary technology has only been around for a short period of time most of us wouldn’t be able to cope with our frantic lifestyle’s without having our gizmos and gadgets to hand to help keep us in touch and on the move.

If you are travelling for business, pleasure or even to work for a company like USA Summer Camp, downloading apps can be an absolute godsend to help you negotiate your way around the world. But how do you choose which to go for with so many to choose from?

Here are some of the best travelling apps we’ve found to help you on your journey.

Wi-Fi Finder

This helpful app will make sure you’re never without a connection. Just fire the app up and head to the locations as directed you’ll be in touch and connected instantly.


Travelling by train can either be satisfyingly easy or an absolute pain. If you need to know which train to book and check the best routes this app will make your life easy. Trainline also has a live departure board with platform information to make sure you’re never running to catch your train.


This great app will help you find the best, cheapest flights in the UK and abroad. Easy to use on the go Skyscanner will keep you up to date by providing the best flexible deals to keep you on the move.

World Customs

Ever wondered why French people kiss on both cheeks? Would you like to know more about the culture of the people where you are travelling to? World Customs is a great app for finding cultural facts and traditions wherever you’re travelling to worldwide. You can browse each country by flag to find out many traditional facts including greetings, personal space, touching and taboos!


If you’ve returned from your holiday and faced a large data roaming bill this app will help you control those costs before you get home. This app once installed reduces the amount of data needed to perform each of your everyday tasks like reading email or posting on Facebook.

Word Lens

If you need to translate a menu or sign this app will not let you down. Just point the built in video camera on your mobile device at the text and the app translates the text to which ever language you have bought.


PinPin ATM finder

With this app you’ll never be short of cash. Nothing is worse than finding out you’re in a foreign country without any cash. Just download the app, state your location and up will pop your closest ATM machine to solve your cash dilemma.

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