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Surprise – We’re Pregnant!


In todays’ world of social media and impersonal communicating by text, announcing important life events in this way can sometimes get lost in the ether. But if you’d like to make your pregnancy announcement personal and special for you and your family, here are some creative ways to make your special message memorable!

Bun in the oven

The old phrases are definitely the best but with this saying why not act out it our literally. Invite soon to be Godparents, Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles round for drinks. Once they’ve arrived, get them one by one to check the nibbles baking in the oven. When they open the oven door they will literally find a bun in the oven. Swear them to secrecy and then award a prize for the one that took the shortest amount of time to make the connection.

Fridge Scrabble

Coffee morning at yours? Use your fridge scrabble magnets to spell out your message on the fridge door and watch to see who cottons on first. If the nattering gets too much you may have to make some prompts!

Snap Happy!

If you’re planning a family gathering, make sure you capture the gathering by organising a family portrait of all who are present. Once they’ve settled down and are in position, set the timer and make sure you’ve got back into position. In the final seconds yell at the top of your voice say ‘Everyone say – We’re having a baby’. The moment of chaos and realisation will be captured on camera. Alternatively if your camera has video functionality, once you’ve got everyone in place, change the setting to record, so you can capture it all on camera.

Christmas Message

For those who live far away you may choose to send the message by post. Why not take copies of your beautiful new bundle’s first ultrasound scan so you can send it inside a Christmas card or birthday card. Or if you’ve found out your pregnant just before Christmas why not wrap your scan picture up in many boxes as a gift for your loved ones. The frustration of unwrapping many, many, boxes will soon be forgotten once they realise the announcement you’ve just shared with them.


Why not use the famous Mastercard Priceless slogan to your advantage. If you’re visiting close friends and family to announce your wonderful news, why not make a card to give them when you arrive with something along the lines of: This card bought specially for you – £2.50, ink used to write message – £0.10p, petrol to visit you £5.00, the look on your face when you realise you’re going to be a God mother – Priceless! A moment they’ll never forget!

we're pregnant

Fortune Cookies

If you’re having a night in with a take out with your nearest and dearest, if you’re planning a Chinese you could round the whole evening off by making your very own fortune cookies. If you’re planning on buying them ready made, you can use tweezers to remove the fortune note already inside and replace it with your own special message announcing your wonderful news. Make sure everyone takes one and breaks into them at the same time to see who makes the connection first.

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