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Summer Fashion 2019 for Men

Easter is on its way and with it comes the promise of days full of sunshine and soaring temperatures with some places forecast to hit 22° C. Are we set for another summer like 2018? I guess time will tell.

With the glorious weather upon us, is it time to start thinking about your wardrobe for the coming summer? Well if you’re planning a shopping spree over the Easter holidays here’s a few must have trends for 2019.

Printed swim shortsshutterstock_61190260

If you’re heading to the beach a pair of bathers are of course compulsory. Ditch the speedo’s and the boring plain swim shorts and grab a pair of bright and bold print that’s bound to get you noticed.

Breton top

Did you know the Breton top was originally created as a mark of respect to Napoleon? A proper Breton top should have 21 stripes to mark each of his victories. To find out more follow this link – This versatile design is an absolutely must in any man’s summer wardrobe as it’s so easy to mix and match with shorts or jeans and can be worn with a sweatshirt or even a blazer.

Patterned short sleeve shirts

Before you get too excited this isn’t a green light to haul your Hawaiian top out of the depths of your closet! Patterned short sleeve shirts are in this summer so look for floral designs or bright patterns. Worn with plain shorts or jeans you’ll certainly make an entrance to any summer function.

Jeans and Chinos

Do men’s jeans and chinos ever go out of fashion? Well maybe not but to keep up with seasonal changes ditch the dark indigo and pull on some lighter denim shades. Chinos are a fantastically versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down. Make sure you embrace the range of colours and don’t get stuck in a rut by sticking with navy or khaki.


Can you believe they’re back in? Well there’s no doubt they well and truly back on the must have list. Around the home. By the pool, at the gym, there’s no stopping the reinvention of the slider. If you have doubt about the longevity of this second time around fashion trend (we definitely have) don’t waste your money on designer styles, go for a cheaper brand that won’t break the bank.


shutterstock_663202501Sunglasses are a must have but you don’t have to spend a fortune on them – a wise choice if you’re forgetful or likely to sit on them. Just make sure they have the CE mark which confirms they meet the European standard for UV protection. Simple jewellery such as leather bracelets or necklaces are lovely additions to casual summer outfits. And don’t forget to opt for a great belt choice to finish your outfit off. Woven belts are very much in and add a lovely bit of texture that will complete your look.

If you’re fed up with sweaty backpacks, this year Tote bags have hit the shops for men. For a fresh edgy look, a Tote bag will give you all the practicalities of a rucksack with hidden pockets, long shoulder straps and a sturdy body for durability.

For more information on CE marking head over to the government website:

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