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Small Bathroom Tips

tiled bathroom

It may be the smallest room in the house, but there’s no reason why you can’t make it a splashing good retreat!

Space is at a premium and house costs have gone through the roof. As a result most buyers are having to look at compromising on many items on their wish list, one less bedroom, a smaller garden, no garage etc., but one thing that nearly all modern house buyers are still demanding is that the master bedroom has an en-suite bath or shower room.

In northern Europe and the United States, bathrooms are actually often the size of a large single bedroom, however if you venture East, to Japan, China or Hong Kong you will see how innovative people can become when space is severely restricted. To be honest, you don’t even have to go that far, just check yourself into a Premier Inn or similar discount hotel and you can’t help but be impressed at how well fitted the bathrooms are in such a small space.

Mind you, if you ever find yourself at home on a weekday and flick on the TV, you will see countless inspirational TV shows aimed at home improvers.  I don’t think I have ever seen an episode of DIY SOS which does not include smashing out a bathroom.

Believe me, you can turn the tiniest of spaces into an elegant shower room with a bit of creative thinking.  Gone are the days when people thought the only way to do this was by having a “wet room”, years of soggy loo roll have put that idea firmly on the back burner.

A modern shower can squeeze into a space which measures only 75cm square (that’s just under 2 ½ feet for those who still prefer the old style of measuring.  By moving a door or pinching a bit from another room, it could be easy to squeeze together sufficient space for a functional bathroom. So do not feel constrained by the room on offer – think outside the box!

Corner baths are another way to make a room feel bigger.  A strange idea, I know, but by choosing a corner bath, which are often quite small if you were to sit in one, the very fact that it has a bath turns a small space into a fabulous bathroom as it actually makes the room look bigger. If you look about, you will find some stunning slim fitting options. Using these will add the illusion of extra space and give you more floor space to dry yourself in.

brown bathroom

The key to making a small space seem big is to keep it light and bright and why not add a little bit of drama with the tiling too.  Mirrors are also a great method of making any room look bigger as well as bouncing light around the room. Make sure that the room is very well lit, using bright, light reflective paints. However, do remember that electricity and water do not mix, so make sure you use a professional for those important electrical installations.

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