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Real or fake?

chairs on path

As an avid gardener who really doesn’t have a clue, the state of my lawn has left me peeking in wonder over the fence at my neighbour’s beautifully manicured, green luscious grass year after year. How on earth do they get the cut so perfect, the colour so vibrant and as for the weeds, well they are very simply non-existent.

Last summer I decided to be brave, I would confront my green fingered neighbours and demand to know their secret. The answer wasn’t one I was prepared for! ‘Artificial grass’ I cried in horror but it doesn’t look it at all! I lowered myself to all fours inspecting the non-existent grass roots and shook my head in bewilderment. After all these years of buying countless products and weed killers the answer was simple – for a beautiful lawn lay astro-turf instead!

Now my garden isn’t particularly big so making the swap seems like a fairly sensible option but could I really but this green plastic down? Would I not feel a fraud and how could I ever look at my ‘proper’ gardening friends again! It was all such a quandary that I decide to investigate what did the horticultural world really think of this plastic imposter.

It seems that although artificial grass is a fairly new creation here in the UK, the Americans have been using it for a fair number of years and sing it’s praises from morning to night. With so many benefits it’s hard not to jump on the band wagon and here’s why:


Wear and tear will become a thing of the past with artificial grass. Heavily used routes such as those used by children coming in and out of the garden or by pets going about their daily business will no longer be a problem. Muddy footprints from both paws and trainers will fade into the distance.

Low Maintenance

Start making the advert for your lawn mower now! Gone are the days of frenzied mowing and ensuring those lines are dead straight. Weeding also becomes a thing of the past! The only maintenance, if you really feel the urge once your lawn has been installed, is to sweep it with a broom to clear away debris.

Great for small spaces

Roof gardens, terraces or pocket handkerchief gardens may benefit hugely from artificial grass.

Environmentally Friendly

Reducing your pesticides, fertilisers, as well as your water usage and petrol or electricity to fuel your now redundant mower means your new fake lawn will reduce your carbon footprint with ease.

kids climbing frame

But do all these benefits really sit easy with those of us who love to grow and nurture our beloved gardens? After all when you can buy lightweight top soil for your roof terrace and fabulous rolled turf for your garden, do we really need a plastic lawn? Of course only you can answer that one. As for me, well let’s just say the jury is still out!

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