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Latest Kitchen Gadgets for 2014

Woman getting stressed in the kitchen

I definitely have a love hate relationship with cooking. I love food but hate cooking! I feel no enthusiasm at all for spending hours in the kitchen slaving away over a hot stove; even the thought of creating the perfect meal that my family loves does not excite me. I am definitely a person that enjoys food that someone else has cooked for me.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for cooking I do however like to keep abreast of the latest kitchen technology, after all, who knows maybe one day an oven will be created where you can just add the ingredients, set the recipe and hey presto out comes your gourmet dish.

Fabulous Bathrooms and Kitchens have a wealth of experience of creating dream kitchens and work with some of the leading kitchen companies around the world such as Gaggenau and Leicht, both of which use the most up to date kitchen technology.

Here are some of the best new inventions in 2014 from quirky gadgets to futuristic appliances that we thought we’d share with you.


Combining 12 appliances in one, this amazing gadget will help transform your cooking using innovative technology. From weighing to precise heating and chopping to steaming this small stylish appliance is not only a great space saver but can bring the fun back to cooking. Incredibly easy to use it’s also makes light work of cooking chores giving you more time to spend elsewhere!


Egg Minder

If eggs are a big part of your diet then this quirky invention is right up your street. The egg minder works in conjunction with an app that tells you how many eggs you have left, which ones are going bad and when it comes to cooking it will even tell you which eggs you should use first! Cooking or shopping for eggs will never be the same again with this gadget in your kitchen.


Prep Pad

The smart food scale that allows you to see exactly what you’re eating working in conjunction with the Countertop App. This stylish board comes to life when paired with the app. When food is placed on top it displays beautiful graphs on your iPad showing you the content of your food including protein, carbs and fats. If you are looking at ways to eat a more balanced, nutritional diet this great invention could help revolutionise your eating habits.


Interactive Cooktop

Not yet for sale this cooktop of the future shows us that technology really holds no boundaries. For a glimpse into the future, Whirlpools Interactive Cooktop allows you to cook, see recipes, keep up with your social media accounts and read your emails, all using a touch screen surface. Keep your eyes and ears open to see when this amazing invention will be ready to buy.

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