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HR – It’s not just about new staff

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HR is an area that involves skill, knowledge, specialist training and patience. Dealing with staff from all areas of a business can be demanding but also rewarding. Today we have focused on 5 areas that an HR role faces on a daily basis.

Staff Retention

Retaining good staff is as important as retaining good, loyal customers. Investing time and effort into obtaining new clients because old clients have been lost through mismanagement or poor customer service is not only time consuming for those involved but also expensive. This principal can also be related to staff. Many people think that the role of an HR Team is to employ new staff but nowadays the role of an HR team is to protect and nurture the existing talent as they are valuable assets to the company. The HR team will strive to find a balance for each member of staff to ensure their package works for them.


Finding new staff to replace staff that has left through natural attrition or to increase the work force due to expansion or investment can be a major challenge. Finding the right people who understand the ethics and culture of the company who also offer the rights skills and talent can be a headache.  Each advertised position can have hundreds of applicants and sorting through the applications and keeping records of each individual can be time consuming. Having an up to date software system such as that offered by Sunrise Software will help keep the company’s information all in one place, that’s quick and easy to access. Storing data in this way will also reduce time and costs for future positions if suitable candidate details are kept on file.

Training & Compliance

Developing your employees is an essential part of keeping your team motivated and up to date with new developments and technology. There are also a number of roles where official training and certification is required to ensure they are kept up to date and remain legal and qualified. Practising Doctors for instance need to revalidate their license every five years and gas engineers have to renew their certificates annually. The HR Team will keep records of training and recertification to ensure their team members are up to date and legally covered to carry out the role.

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Health & Safety

Keeping employees safe whilst they are at work is a legal requirement. Keeping and maintaining all Health & Safety records will help to ensure the company is carrying out its legal obligations to keep members of the public and its staff safe whilst they are at work. These records will be called upon in the event of a Health & Safety issue and will demonstrate how the company has done as much as they could have done to prevent accidents and incidents occurring. The HR Team will collate and record these details to ensure the data is accurate and easily found should the need arise.

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