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How to get the lowest price when buying a brand new car

Many of us dream of buying a brand new car as you have more control over choosing everything that you’ve always wanted. The right sat nav, the exact shade of colour, the alloy wheels, the leather interior, the list can go and on. The only drawback with choosing everything you want is cost. The more we add on, the more likely the price is going to creep up. However, there are things you can do to help bring the cost back down and here’s how.

Know what you want!shutterstock_613568102

As obvious as this may sound, if you know what you want then there is little chance if you visit a car dealer that you will be swayed when you’re in front of a salesman. Make sure you’ve done your research and test drive different models beforehand so that you know the exact specifications you would like, such as manual transmission or automatic, diesel, petrol, electric etc. If you’re uncertain about which fuel choice to go for make sure you research your options thoroughly – you may find this article by The Telegraph useful:

Research Online

Once you know the make and model of the car you want, go online and check out any deals that the car manufacturers may have running. If you’d prefer to deal face to face with someone, then you can go to a dealer and show them any deals that you have found to see if they can match them. You may also find that different dealers have different offers. If any good offers are with dealers that are not local to you, phone them up and see if they are prepared to negotiate further before you make the journey.


If you are in the enviable position of being able to purchase your new car outright, it may be prudent to keep this fact to yourself when you begin negotiations with a salesperson. Many car dealers can add extra incentives when cars are bought using finance as they are incentives subsidised by the manufacturer. Make sure you listen to what they are proposing so you can weigh up the pro’s and con’s of using your hard-earned cash or buying on finance. If you are planning on using finance, then it’s a good idea to make comparisons of all schemes that are available including Lease and Personal Contract Plans (PCP). If you’re not bothered about owning the car and happy to get a brand-new car every 3 years or so then a PCP may be just the ticket for you. There are various companies like ZenAuto who offer this kind of contract. Make sure you do your research before signing any contracts.

Keep your cool but don’t drop your guard!

Car salesmen are extremely well-trained and will be well-versed in knowing how to create a relaxed atmosphere, putting you at your ease which can lead to you dropping your guard. If this happens make sure you always come back to what your objective was and what you want. Always play it cool and never show your surprise if what their offer actually exceeds your expectations – it means there’s even more room to negotiate!

You can also visit the Parkers website for new car cost comparisons –

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