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Home Security Tips

With Christmas approaching and presents piling up under the tree, the question of how secure our homes are can become a niggling question at the back of our minds. Home insurance companies have reported that burglaries spike in December, so it’s well worth taking precautions to make sure your home is protected over the festive period.

Here’s a few hints and tips to help keep you and your home safe this Christmas:

Doors & Windows

shutterstock_1136290214Doors and windows are obvious weak points in any property, so making sure they are safe and secure will help you feel more protected. For your front door, you can add the following: a rim latch, also known as a night latch lock, a five-lever mortise deadlock and also a spy hole so you can view your visitors. You should also make sure that all of your windows have window locks, especially those on the ground floor or those on upper floors that are near pipes or flat roofs. For more door and window security advice, visit the Age UK website –

Keep things out of view

If you have presents under the tree, it’s a good idea to make sure they aren’t on full display in windows where prying eyes can see them. Either hide them away until Christmas or close curtains and shutters to keep them hidden. If you haven’t got a home safe, you may want to consider getting one so that valuable items such as jewelry or watches can be kept safe when you’re not wearing them.

Keep things off social media

If you use social media and like updating your friends and family with your holiday plans, you are also advertising that your home is empty to those with not very nice intentions. Keep your holiday snaps and updates off of social media whilst you’re away to ensure that your home is not made vulnerable during this period.

Simple Deterrentsshutterstock_356618222

Having layers of security is a really good idea to deter burglars from even approaching your home. Most burglars are looking for quick and easy targets; often spur of the moment decisions rather than planned burglaries. Simple measures like having gravel on your driveway and footpath will announce someone’s presence when they walk on your property. Dogs that bark are, again, something that most burglars will avoid as well as spiky plants that are around vulnerable windows.

Home Security Systems

Installing a wireless smart home security system is not as expensive as it used to be and, as a result, many properties now have some kind of home security system installed. If you can’t afford an all singing, all dancing system, remember most burglars would rather not be caught on CCTV or put under the spotlight with motion sensor lighting.

As well as protecting your property, you may also live in an area where there is a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in place. A Neighbourhood Watch scheme aims to create a strong and friendly community where crime and anti-social behaviour is less likely to happen. To find out more, visit their website for further information:

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