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Gadgets to help make cleaning your windows easier

bucket and sponge

Keeping your windows clean can be a laborious cumbersome task that can require two people to ensure the job is completed safely. During the winter months it’s easy to forget our windows but with the sun now shining brightly upon us, you may be looking at your windows in horror at the dirt and grime that has built up over the winter months.

If you are lucky enough to have a regular window cleaner then cleaning your windows is certainly something you won’t be missing out on. But if you need some help in keeping your windows nice and clean here’s a few gadgets that the team at Purely Shutters have kindly shared with us to ease the burden of window cleaning.

Magnetic Window Cleaners

This product will help you clean those windows that are hard to get to and could even avoid you using ladders in the future. But make sure you research the product correctly and practice using the magnets prior to cleaning your first window. However one advantage of using a magnetic window cleaner is that they clean both sides of the glass at the same time, halving the time you could spend cleaning windows.


Waterfed Cleaning Poles

Waterfed poles can make life very easy and again they can avoid the need for ladders for those high up windows. Easy to use, cleaning windows could become less of a chore with this great invention. Many models now have changeable heads for different size windows to make reaching those smaller places that bit easier. Just construct the pole, turn on the water and away you go.


Window Vacuums

For streak and smear free windows then window vacuums could be the answer for you. Cordless and lightweight with a powerful suction, window vacuum cleaners can also be used for mirrors, shower screens and tiles. There are also changeable heads for smaller windows making cleaning windows easier than ever. The powerful vacuum removes all residual water from your surface leaving clean bright windows without smears and streaks. Amazon has a great range of products to suit all budgets.


Window Cleaning Robot

For those that love gadgets and gizmos this is the product for you. Very similar to the carpet cleaning robots this window cleaning gadget will soon have your windows gleaming brightly all on their own. The automatic computer detects different surfaces and has a remote control so that you can place the device and let it go at the touch of a button. Complete with pad replacements and glass cleaning fluid, you can sit back and relax while the robot does the work.


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