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Five benefits of branded merchandise

shutterstock_230159041Companies are always looking at new and different ways of promoting their business regardless of whether they’re trying to sell a product, service or both.

In a world which is becoming increasingly dominated by the Internet, most of today’s marketing activities are carried out online. Whilst the likes of websites, emails and social media campaigns are all very effective, sometimes, going back to basics can be just as powerful.

If you’re looking into some old-school marketing methods, why not consider investing in branded merchandise? Below we have highlighted just a few of the benefits of doing so.

Maximises exposure

Everyone loves a free gift and merchandise such as pens, keyrings, magnets, badges and bottle openers are all great ways of getting your brand and logo seen. By using products that people will not only keep, but use on a daily basis, they are constantly being reminded of you whether they realise it or not.

The added benefit is that it’s not just the people using your branded product who are seeing your logo, anyone they come into contact with will be exposed to it as well.

Stand out from the competition

Although products like pens are always well-received thanks to their tendency to go missing, if you really want to stand out from your competition, think outside the box. Fridge magnets, keyrings, bottle openers and mirrors are all things that people are likely to look at every day yet few companies think to use them for promotional purposes.

Free promotional giveaways really can create a small but powerful impact on potential and existing customers. You just never know when the offering may create conversation and eventually, interest.

Reward loyal customers

We all know how good it feels when we purchase something and the seller throws in a small free gift. Whether it’s a perfume sample, some chocolates or a pen, this little gesture is surprisingly powerful.

Making people feel good and like you value their business means that they’re not only going to remember you but they will go out of their way to use your company when the time comes.

shutterstock_191172170Boosts sales

One of the biggest benefits of branded merchandise is that is can make a huge difference to your overall sales and revenue.

Many studies have found that a large percentage of recipients of promotional products do remember a company’s name and that new customers who receive these gifts generally tend to return sooner and more frequently. They therefore spend more money than customers who are not persuaded in this way.

In order for your promotional materials to be successful however, it’s important to plan your campaign effectively. As with any marketing technique, you need a clear and concise concept in order to make it work.

Low cost

Unless you’re going all out with your merchandise, branded products tend to be a fairly low cost advertising solution. The majority of companies who produce these goods will offer discounts on bulk buying so the more you purchase, the cheaper the individual unit price.

Unless you are incredibly limited for storage space, it makes sense to buy branded merchandise in large quantities so that you can benefit from any discounts that are offered to you.

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